5 Makeup for Brown Eyes Ideas to Try Now

Written by Allison

Makeup for brown eyes can be super flattering and glam, and it’s easy to make your rich eyes pop.

As you may know, the key to makeup for brown eyes (or any other color for that matter) is choosing similar and contrasting colors. For brown eyes this means working with browns and purples for the biggest eye color popping effect. We love makeup for brown eyes to be soft and well blended to really put that focus on your eyes! Keep on reading to see five different makeup for brown eyes ideas to wear now.

Lavender Cat Eyeliner

We’ll start off easy with a cat eyeliner look. You can get a little kitten flick like this one by only extending the liner a smidge from your lash line. This makes the cat eyeliner less intense, and better suits a sweet shade like lavender. Applying a lavender so close to your brown eyes makes sure it can contrast and pop against your pretty eyes. Take it even further by applying the lavender liner to your lower lash line as well.

Warm Brown Smoky Cat Eye

This warm brown shade is great for people with lighter brown eyes because they tend to be warm toned. To get this look (without getting eyeshadow all over) use tape as a guide! We recommend masking tape or washi tape because they are more gentle on the thin skin near your eyes. Line it up with your lower lash line to create a sharp edge to this look. Then blend warm brown shadows over your lid. Start with lighter colors near the crease and work your way down to a dark brown at the lash line. When you’ve blended to your hearts content, remove the tape and admire your work.


Cool Purple Halo Eye

The halo eye effect is a fun one for making your eye look much rounder. To get this look you’ll need to apply a darker purple shade to your outer third and inner third of your eyelid. Blend these shades inwards instead of outwards to create the rounded effect. Then, place a brighter shimmering shade in the center third to lift that section. Top it with purple liner to make sure your makeup for brown eyes  really pops.


Grungy Brown Glossy Eye

Eye gloss is such a cool, editorial look for a night out. You can get this look a few different ways. First and easiest way is to use a dedicated brown eye gloss. Many brands have glossy eye products these days from Milk Makeup, to MAC. Even drugstore cheapie NYX has an eye gloss product. Choosing a tinted version is your best bet because it’s not going to fade.

The other option is to DIY it. If you don’t have an eye gloss, start off by applying a wash of brown eyeshadow all over your eye. Your best bet is to use a cream eyeshadow as it will hold up better than a powder shadow. Next apply a gloss to your lid. You can use a clear eye gloss or a clear lip gloss that is eye safe. Just keep in mind that applying an emollient gloss over eyeshadow will probably break down that shadow after a while.


Aubergine Smoked Liner

A good smoky liner look is always a winner because it makes cat liner achievable even if you have a shaky hand. Get this effect by really laying your liner on your lash line. Before that liner can set and dry down take a stiff eyeshadow brush and blend upwards. You want the line to be as hazy as possible, so if your liner dries fast, work in sections. This look is easiest to achieve with a kohl or pencil liner so start with those first.

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