5 Beauty Products + 10 Minutes = 1 Beautiful Face

Written by Shannon


If you have a little bit of time, and a lot of face value – these products will do the trick in the speed-beauty test

  1. Want a natural solution to your skin’s problems? Well, try beautifying yourself from the inside out with Noah’s Naturals products such as Firming Gel Serum, Face Moisturizer and Pore Refining Mask. These products are all natural and are formulated using the latest innovations in “green chemistry.” This eco-luxe brand specializes in anti-aging beauty regimens that will treat your skin not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.
  2. If your skin is a little dry, try CeraVe Facial Mostuirizing Lotion. This lotion will help repair any damaged skin, while maintaining the skin’s natural protective function with ingredients that are not usually found in other moisturizers. Not only will you repair your damaged skin with this moisturizer, but you’ll also be protecting it from further damage because this moisturizer contains an SPF of 30.
  3. Need a lift in your skin’s cellular renewal? Well look no further than, AVEDA Green Science Lifting Serum. Using this product will help your skin boost its natural collagen produtction, giving it a more lifted appearance. This lifting serum will also promote surface turnover, improve moisturization, firmness and strengthening of your skin’s ability to retain moisture.
  4. If oil is more your problem, try Urban Decay’s De-Slick in a Tube. This lightweight gel formula will keep your face matte in any heated situations you might happen to get yourself into. You can even use it for touch-ups during the day without messing up your makeup.
  5. Got an extra 10-20 minutes to spare? Good, you have to try Karuna masks. Each Karuna mask contains a custom blended beauty boost along with plant extracts peptides and anti-oxidants that will help to renew, hydrate and nourish, bringing both care and compassion to all skin types. There are plenty of masks to choose from such as: Anti-Aging, Anti-Blemish, Anti-Oxidant, Brightening, Exfoliating and Hydrating.

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