5 Awesome Childhood Home Décor Trends We’d Like To Bring Back

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

These kid home decor trends are cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.

Oh, to be a kid again…so young and wild and innocent and free. And with a whole lot of sweet home décor options adults can’t have! Ugh, but why not? If I had it my way, these 5 awesome childhood décor trends would be brought back in a millisecond:

1. Glow-In-The-Dark Stars – Admit it, your badass 7-year-old self totally had a glow-in-the-dark star galaxy chilling on your childhood ceiling. Now wouldn’t it be awesome if adults could have one without being total weirdos? C’mon kiddies, y’all can’t even go to space!

2. Teen Heartthrob Posters – If you’re 27 and a Justin Bieber fan, why shouldn’t you be able to flaunt your undying love for him (just like you did JTT and Devon Sawa back in the day) by plastering sappy celeb posters pulled out of teen magazines all over your walls? Respect people, respect.

3. Handmade Door Signs – “Jordan’s Room.”  “No Trespassing!!!!” “KEEP OUT!” These were all typical signs we scribbled on a piece of paper with Crayola Crayons and hung on our doors as little tots. Now I’d like to hang a “Keep The F*ck Out” or “I’m Busy, Betch!” sign on my door, no questions asked.

4. Princess Beds – What??? I want to feel like Kate Middleton in a royal bed when I pass out, what’s so wrong with that?

5. Movie Themed Rooms – If you’re obsessed with Twilight, by all means you should be able to have an Edward Cullen themed room without people asking if you’re a total nut job (although you probably are if you’re that into vampires). Just sayin!

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