4 Gross Things You Start Doing When You’ve Been In A Relationship For A While

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Once you start dating someone seriously, you turn into a disgusting freak.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a half now, and needless to say, we’re probably a little bit TOO comfortable around each other. I think it all started when he first called me out for picking dead skin off my feet onto his couch about 6 or 7 months into the relationship (I’m disgusting, I know, but don’t act like you haven’t done it before too). From then on out, we’ve just been getting more and more vile. Check out these 4 disgusting things I’m pretty positive everyone starts doing when they’ve been together for as long as we have. And if you haven’t yet, don’t worry, one day you will.

1. Peeing and pooping in front of each other.

I have no problem popping a squat in front of my boyfriend, and like clockwork every morning, he takes a poop while I wash my face, shave my pits and brush my teeth, hair or whatever lady business needs to be done in there that day. Talk about romantic, baby.

2. Burping and farting on the reg.

There was definitely a time when I would have been mortified if my man ever heard me let out a loud belch or toot, but now, it’s pretty much a given (not that we’re having contests or anything).

3. Unveiling your weird eating habits.

I have an undying love for ketchup, like I freaking love it. Normally, I don’t want other people besides my BFFs and family knowing about this condiment obsession though, because it’s slightly embarrassing. My boyfriend not only knows, but insists on informing waiters at restaurants that I’ll definitely be needing more ketchup than the small, measly little cup they decided to bring out to me. Truth be told, I don’t think he’ll ever view ketchup the same again.

4. Talking in depth about your period. 

My boyfriend’s not only been sent out to buy me tampons before (of course he came back with a box of lite Pearls, instead of super or regular), but he also gets to hear about how my uterus might fall out from bad cramps at least once a month. Oh, and he also lovessss to joke about how I transformed his red Adidas sweatpants into my period pants considering I accidently stained them…oops!

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