4 Girls 1 Cup

Written by Emily

If you’re like me, you have a million friends either getting married, buying houses or just moving into new places. Since I am more of a unique kinda gal, I like to give unique gifts. While searching on Yanko Design, I found one of the most unique set glasses I’ve ever seen.

It is essentially one glass and four different bottoms that all screw on! Pretty ingenious no?! You can grab three friends, all want something different and just use one cup; not all at the same time obviously. The only one that I am not too sure about is the champagne because lord knows when I get some Prosecco or any kind of champagne in my system, I need to set it down. I also like how you can even have a nice cognac or whiskey and not seem too pretentious with this design. It looks fancy, but not too much. One thing that can’t be denied is that Sven MILCENT & the Utopik Design Lab have developed and created a unique concept that is sure to start conversations and be the ultimate glass to please your guests alike.

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