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These 3 Fashion Investments Could be Profitable

Written by Bryce
It’s no secret that designer labels tend to hold their value more than no name frocks, but certain fashion investments are clearly better than others.

We caught up with industry expert, Judy Taylor of Madison Avenue Couture, to figure out which purses are actually worth splurging on because while your Ferragamo, Prada, Celine, and Jimmy Choo bags may have been hot purchases the past, they probably weren’t worthwhile fashion investments unless your killer outfit managed to land you a high paying job (and we’d prefer to think it was your skills and personality that did that). Three bags in particular tend to outperform just about all others, though.

Hermes Kelly Bag


You can wear it, love it, and look like the chicest lady in town — but you may also look like a prudent shopper, because well-maintained Kelly bags rarely dip below their purchase price. “If someone purchased a Kelly in the 1980s at four to five thousand dollars and maintained it in mint condition, they’re likely to get what they paid for it, if not more.”

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Louis Vuitton Murakami Bags


Remember those bright, boldly colored Louis Vuitton monogram bags from the early 2000s? Well, turns out they’re perennial faves thanks to them stemming from a major artist collaboration. “One line of bags that has appreciated is the Louis Vuitton limited edition bags — the Murakami series done in collaboration with Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Graffiti and Roses Neverfulls that were done in tribute of Stephen Sprouse have increased in value.” A little internet research sees these pieces (once retailing for around $1,000) fetching as much as $11,000 in today’s market. See? A gift to yourself now can be a gift to your future, too.

Classic CHANEL Flap Bags


They’re everywhere, and for good reason — new ones are constantly being made and consumed. “The CHANEL classic flap is reintroduced every season.” Taylor says constant popularity is a good thing. Flap purses from the 90s are still finding customers willing to pay in the thousands if they’re in good to excellent condition. This one is valued at $6,500, proving that CHANEL is always one of the best fashion investments.

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