$20 says Hailey Glassman gets an iPhone now.

Written by Maura

Hailey Glassmans of the world rejoice! Well, maybe not quite yet. A new iPhone app allows users to find the nearest (medical) marijuana source.


Now I don’t have a strong opinion on the use of medical marijuana, but I find this pretty damn entertaining. Maybe next will be like a yellow pages app of dealers in your neighborhood, but they will have cutesy cover the Pot Princess over in Chelsea or the Meth Mini-Mart in Brooklyn? The app is only $2.99, a small price to pay to know the nearest way to get some Ganja. But heads up..the app is only available in the (13) states where medical marijuana is legalized (NOT New York, but Michigan was most recently added in 2008). So unless you are traveling to New Mexico (where my roommate is from, perhaps I should schedule make a visit) and all of a sudden get diagnosed with severe nausea then you can forget using your app, but its still good to know its out there!

While you are at it download iBeer too, and you can get all kinds of effed up.

While you are at it download iBeer too, and you can get all kinds of effed up.

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