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This $20 Plant from Walmart Could Stop Your Snoring

Written by Bryce

If you want to stop your snoring (or his), this $20 potted plant from Walmart could be the ticket.

What does a potted plant have to do with your snoring or his, you ask? According to NASA, a fair amount, which is why they’ve even conducted studies outlining the positive effects pineapple plants can have on nighttime breathing. All you need is a cheap potted pineapple plant, like this one for under $20 at Walmart, and you’re more golden than the flesh of its fruit.

With snoring affecting as many as 90 million American adults, this could be the best affordable holiday season gift of your life. You can scrap the need for Black Friday makeup deals, too, because nothing makes skin more beautiful than a good night’s sleep.

According to Medicinenet, snoring “is caused by vibrations that cause particles in the air to form sound waves.” NASA recently reported that pineapple plants produce additional oxygen and improve air quality throughout nighttime hours, and aid better, quieter sleep as a result.

When we reported on pink pineapples being a major trend a few months ago we had no idea they’d also make great remedies to stop your snoring, as well, but are pleased with the development.

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