11 Eyelash Curler Tips

Written by Allison

Try our eyelash curler tips to get the most out of your look.

Having the curliest lashes of all times is basically my life goal (add to the list of reasons I eat these foods for longer eyelashes). Getting there sans lash extensions or an eyelash perm means I rely on my eyelash curler. Over several years of daily curling I’ve come up with the top 11 eyelash curler tips you need to get the cartoon, fluttery eyelashes of your dreams. Curl on, my friends.

1. Curl before mascara

Always, always curl before mascara. This is the most important of all the eyelash curler tips. If you’re curling your lashes on a day to day basis, this is a must. Curling after mascara can easily get your lashes stuck to the curler, making it too easy to pull some out. Your lashes are precious, don’t yank them out! Curl before and there is no issue.

This is a good, inexpensive rose gold eyelash curler if you need one.

2. Warm the curler

For hard to curl lashes, consider warming things up. You don’t want the curler to be hot (always test the temperature before putting by your eye). Blast the curler with a hot hairdryer for a few seconds before curling to help keep the curled effect.

3. Blink lashes in place

If you have a hard time getting your lashes inside the curler, try this method. Just place the curler next to your eye and blink. This should put your lashes between the upper and lower parts of the curler.

4. Stop lash tangles

If you have long eyelashes, you need to avoid getting your upper and lower lashes inside the curler at the same time. This is the main reason I never used eyelash curlers. It hurt! To keep from tugging on both your lash lines at the same time you need to make sure you’re just curling the upper lashes. To do this I simply pull down slightly on my lower eye area to keep the lower lashes out of the way. You don’t need to do this the whole time you’re curling, just when you’re placing the curler on your upper lashes.

5. Curl by the root

To get the effect of super long lashes, curl once, as close to the root as you can get. This will essentially bend your lashes straight up, making them look as long as possible.

6. Curl twice

For a curlier effect (as in rounded lashes, not straight up) go in for a few curls. Each time you curl your lashes move slightly farther away from the roots to create more bends and a curlier lash look.

7. Pulse the curler

Another trick for stubborn lashes that just don’t want to hold your curly dreams is to pulse. Instead of one hard squeeze for a few seconds, pulse that curler open and closed instead. This option inherently moves the curler slightly up and down your lashes as you go. This makes the bend of the lashes larger (as opposed to a one point bend) helping you hold that curl all day.

8. Tilt upwards

People with short lashes may find it helpful to tilt the curler upwards as you squeeze (one of our fave eyelash curler tips). This helps you get the max curl. Just don’t jab yourself in the eye with your curler while you’re doing it.

9. Curl lower lashes

It is possible, though, admittedly, somewhat hard, to curl your bottom lashes. You’ll have to turn the curler upside down to sandwich your lower lashes in properly. Lash curlers with a smaller eye guard (the bulky part at the top, or this case, bottom) like the Kevyn Aucoin The Eyelash Curler make this easier.

10. One eye at a time

If you want full curl to last all day, do one eye at a time. Getting the mascara on as soon as your lashes are curled makes a big difference in holding that curl. Also, waterproof mascaras tend to hold a curl better than non-waterproof. The extra waxes that make it waterproof help to hold that curl in place.

11. Change the rubber base

The rubber base that touches your lashes doesn’t last forever. Depending on how often you curl your lashes you may need to replace it once a year or more. If the rubber starts to crack or split, it’s time to go. An old rubber base won’t give you as good of a curl and can harbor bacteria you don’t want to press into your eyes. If you’re not into germs near your eyes you can clean eyelash curlers with rubbing alcohol.

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