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10 Ways to Circulate Lymph Faster

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Speed up lymph function the natural way!

Your lymphatic system is one of the most underrated of your internal functions, but it’s also one of the most important. It plays a central role in eliminating toxins, chemicals, and cellular sewage, getting rid of all the harmful substances in our body by sending them to the liver and kidneys for elimination. Without healthy lymphatic system function, our body is at serious risk!

Here are some tips on awesome ways to circulate lymph faster at home, using all-natural remedies:

  1. Drink more water — Water is vital for the elimination of waste products, as it helps to produce the lymphatic fluids that bathe your body’s cells. You should make sure to drink at least 8 to 12 cups of water per day, and add a few drops of lemon to help improve your body’s pH levels.
  2. Eat raw fruit –– Raw fruit is packed with digestive enzymes and acids, all of which will help to speed up lymphatic circulation. You’ll find that raw fruits are a powerful lymph cleanser, so eating them–especially on an empty stomach–is the best way to cleanse your lymphatic system.
  3. Take deep breaths — It may sound odd, but it works! When you breathe deeply, your lymphatic system gets the pumping needed to flush out toxins. The deeper you breathe, the more effective your lymphatic system is!
  4. Reduce sugar –– The more sugar you eat, the harder it is for your body to flush out all the harmful substances! This is especially true with sweet beverages, most of which contain a lot of artificial ingredients.
  5. Exercise more –– The more you move, the more efficient your lymphatic system. Remember that deep breathing helps to stimulate lymph function, so the heavy breathing caused by exercise is the key to boosting your lymphatic system.

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  1. Eat more greens –– Green veggies aren’t just good because Mama said so, but they have been scientifically proven to help just about every part of your body! When it comes to your lymphatic system, they provide chlorophyll, which helps to purify your blood.
  2. Get a massage — Not a deep tissue massage, but a gentle, relaxing one! Gentle massages can increase your lymphatic circulation by as much as 78%, freeing toxins from your tissues and making them easier to eliminate. Deep tissue won’t stimulate the lymphatic system, but a gentle massage will.
  3. Drink more tea — Specifically teas like Echinacea, goldenseal, wild indigo root tea, and astralagus. These teas contain special properties that will enhance lymphatic function, speed up detoxification, and improve overall body function. (Consult your doctor before using!)
  4. Eat more seeds and nuts ––  Not the roasted, salted kind, but the natural, unsalted type! These nuts and seeds provide your body with a lot of healthy fatty acids, all of which are needed for healthy, efficient lymphatic system function. Try almonds, cashews, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts as the best seeds and nuts to help your lymphatic system function better.
  5. Take a hot and cold shower –– This may seem like torture, and it can be until you realize what it’s doing for you! A hot shower will stimulate blood flow, and the cold shower will cause your blood vessels to constrict. This will alternatively increase and reduce blood flow, and the result is healthier, more efficient lymphatic system function. It’s not easy to get used to, but a few minutes of this therapy will do wonders to get rid of toxins and cellular sewage from your body!

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