10 Strange Animal Shaped Buildings from Around the World

I remember in my hometown of Panama City, Fl there was a building shaped like an ice cream cone. Every time I drove by it, in my head I thought that I wanted ice cream, but I never actually stopped by to purchase anything. I don’t know if it was the peeling paint covered in bird feces which was supposed to look like vanilla ice cream that threw me off, but the building reminded me that: “While I sure do love ice cream as much as the next svelte gay guy with a high metabolism, I would rather smoke crack than buy it here” (Thank you, Gwyneth).

animal shaped buldings

Dog Bark Park Inn- Cottonwood, Idaho

A few years ago they tried to tear it down, but some people petitioned that it was a landmark and should be saved. I am pretty sure these are the same people who, like me, enjoyed looking at the stupid building but never bothered to contribute to keeping it open. The city tore the building down, and now that corner on Martin Luther King Boulevard stands empty. Several of the buildings in this post fall into that category because they look cool, but kind of off-putting as well. After all, I don’t think you want to be reminded when you walk into a chicken-shaped KFC that the the delicious, crispy-bitch of a breast you are about to devour was once alive. You be the judge, though. Here are 10 strange animal-shaped buildings from around the world.

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