10 People Are Going to Win Cheese for a Year Tonight

wisconsin cheese
Written by Bryce

The great state of Wisconsin is talking curdy to us.

In a year where quarantine is king, snacks are part of the royal court, and coronavirus prep lists include mapping our our food supply — the folks Wisconsin Cheese want to make our worlds a wee bit better. Yeah, they’re giving 10 people a year’s supply of cheese tonight.

It turns out today, October 15, is actually National Cheese Curd Day and Culver’s x Wisconsin Cheese will be hosting a virtual “Curd Crawl” for cheese lovers across the country at 8 PM EST streaming on the Wisconsin Cheese Facebook page.

You’ll be able to fold in the cheese a la David Rose all year long, because it’s your turn to take a selfish.

wisconsin cheese curds giveaway
Credit: Wisconsin Cheese

The first 3,000 cheese lovers who registered for the event already had cheese curd care packages shipped to their homes (free! OMG! goodness exists in the universe!), but an additional 10 people will win Wisconsin cheese deliveries for an entire year as part of tonight’s main event. Every single month for the next year, Wisconsin Cheese will literally mail you a fresh supply of bite-size cheese curds to get you through these trying times.

The catch? You have to join tonight’s Facebook live stream and enter. Full details are here, but it’s pretty straight forward and 3,000 cheese-loving Americans have already gotten free cheese curd deliveries from the Wisconsin Cheese people, so we’re feeling pretty good about this.

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