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10 Herbs for Headaches

Written by andy

Beat your headache the natural way!

A good herbal remedy can go a long way! There are herbal remedies that can help you to deal with all manner of health problems–cavities, an upset stomach, indigestion, acne, UTIs, and the list goes on! Today, we’re going to look at a few of the best herbs to take if you’ve got a headache.

  1.  Black Cohosh — This plant, native to North America, has long been used to treat rheumatism. It can also be used to treat headaches, particularly those associated with depression. It contains plant estrogens, so it’s a female-friendly remedy–but men can take it for short periods of time as well!
  2. Passionflower — This herb has been used throughout history as a means of relaxing people, calming anxiety, and treating insomnia, but you will find that taking it can help to relax your central nervous system–thereby reducing your headache.
  3. Butterbur –– Butterbur is NOT a remedy for your average headache, but it’s one of the few herbal remedies aimed at treating migraines. You’ll find that taking this herb can help you to still that pounding in your head caused by overstimulation of your hypersensitive nervous system–also known as a migraine headache!
  4. White Willow Bark –– This herb has long been used to help mask pain, though it will not treat the underlying cause of your aching head. It will at least stop your head from aching, allowing you to rest and deal with whatever is the cause of that headache. You do need to take it in pretty high doses for it to work.
  5. Feverfew –– This is another of the VERY FEW herbal remedies you can take to deal with a migraine headache. The herb helps to reduce headaches and nausea significantly, thanks to the anti-inflammatory compounds contained in the herb.

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  1. Ginger –– Ginger is a remedy for headaches caused by sinus and jaw problems, such as the headache you get when you have a head cold or when you clench your jaw too much. Ginger contains special anti-inflammatory properties that will help to reduce the swelling in your body, thereby reducing the pain of your headache!
  2. Skullcap –– For those suffering from tension and the resulting headaches, Skullcap is an herbal remedy to consider. It has long been used to cure a pounding head, and you’ll find that it’s highly effective in its natural form (it is often mixed/substituted with a toxic herb called germander).
  3. Mullein –– Both the root and the flower of this herb are effective headache relievers, particularly for those suffering headaches as a result of neck and back pains. It can help to relieve a number of different types of pain, making it one of the best multi-purpose herbal remedies!
  4. Peony –– For those suffering from neck spasms, PMS headaches, and migraines, this is an awesome herb to use to deal with the pain. It’s a cooler herb, so those whose headaches are made worse by cool herbs should look for a warmer option. It can even deal with the other symptoms of PMS, not just headaches.
  5. Yarrow –– If you’ve got a headache as a result of poor digestion (indigestion, IBS, overeating headaches, etc.), you’ll want to try this herbal remedy. It can help to reduce the pain of headaches caused by toothaches, and will help you to get rid of that dull, pounding headache so common when suffering from a cold. Both the root and the plant are highly effective as an herbal remedy!

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