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10 Health Benefits of Dance Exercise

Written by andy

It’s not just a lot of fun, but it’s a GREAT workout too!

A lot of people have a hard time finding the workout that suits them. They’re not too thrilled about lifting weights, going running, or taking spinning classes, so they end up skipping the gym altogether. But how is that a good idea? You need exercise in order to be healthy!

Thankfully, there’s always the option of dance exercise–or, as it’s often called, dancercise. Here are a few of the health benefits of dance exercise for you:

  1. It improves memory — Did you know that learning to dance helps to boost your memory? Aerobic exercise prevents brain mass loss in your hippocampus, the part of your brain responsible for your memory. Dancing forces you to learn new things, thereby keeping that part of your brain active.
  2. It fights depression –– Depression is one problem you won’t have to worry about while you dance! Thanks to the flood of endorphins released by your workout, you’ll feel a whole lot better during and after your dance exercise. Plus, the social contact brought about by dancing is one of the best ways to combat depression.
  3. It increases flexibility –– Flexibility is actually the most important component of your fitness. If you’re stiff and inflexible, you’re more likely to get injured. Dancing helps you to stay limber and flexible, reducing your risk of injury, eliminating joint pain, and helping to eliminate the soreness that sets in after a tough workout.
  4. It boosts your heart health — If you want to have a healthy heart, you have to move around more! The more you move, the better your circulation. Dancing–even slow dancing or waltzing–can help to improve your heart health, increase your breathing rate, and boost your quality of life.
  5. It fights stress –– All exercise is AMAZING for combatting stress, but aerobic exercise is particularly effective. It floods your body with endorphins, which act as painkillers and help you feel better. Plus, who has time for stress when you’re dancing the night away?

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  1. It promotes weight loss –– As with all exercise, dancing is a great way to lose weight. The more you move around, the more calories your body burns. Dance training is just as effective for weight loss as cycling and jogging, but it’s a whole lot more fun!
  2. It increases energy –– With every workout you do, you force your body to increase its natural production of energy so as to meet your energy output demands. Dancing a few times each week will help you to be naturally energized, and you’ll find it much easier to keep up with all of your activities of daily life.
  3. It improves your balance –– As you age, you may start to worry about losing your balance and falling. But dancing is the key to preventing all that. As you learn to dance, you naturally develop a sense of rhythm and better balance. You can improve your stability and movement control thanks to dance!
  4. It helps you expand your network — You’d be amazed by all the people you’ll meet at dance class! Social contact with others is a proven anti-depressant, and you’ll find yourself much healthier and happier thanks to the time spent dancing.
  5. It will permanently boost your mood –– The more your body releases the “feel good” endorphins, the easier it becomes for those endorphins to be produced and released. You’ll find that dancing, like all exercise, helps you to feel better a lot more of the time.

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