1 in 5 of Us Dreams about our Partner Cheating

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We dream about all sorts of randomness all the time. Whether it’s sex, food, new shoes, what we fantasize about tends to reflect our reality.

But can we dream things into reality? Or do we just see what we don’t know we already know?


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We’re not all that surprised by a recent Huffington Post article that shares a survey done by a British hotel chain. The survey says that one in five women have dreamed that their partner is cheating on them.

Does this mean anything? Or is it simply a dream?

In the Huffington Post article, dream psychologist Ian Wallace is quoted as saying: “Dreams where your partner is cheating with someone else suggests that you’re betraying yourself in some way in waking life and need to have far more confidence in your talents and how attractive they appear to the people around you.”

Of course, we all know that feeling paranoid and insecure and jealous is a great way to get our mate to cheat on us in the first place!

Dreams have a tendency of being symbolic more than prophetic, so it’s not likely a literal warning. It’s still pretty hard to wake up though and not be a little angry at them. Still, just in case it is prophetic, I’d keep any details in mind in case you see that cheating party in real life!

We’ve all had these dreams even when happy with our partner — it probably just means you are afraid of losing them or of abandonment. Think of it this way: At least you aren’t having that terrible dream about showing up for finals with no clothes on any longer. Squelch your crazy reactions before you make it a reality!

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