Yum Alert: 10 Healthy Facts about Turmeric

This recipe for Tumeric Roasted Cauliflower on Tastespotting.com , paired with heart healthy quinoa? You’ve got a not so outwardly healthy side dish, that’s not so bad on the eyes, sure to please everyone’s pallets. I hadn’t been to keen on turmeric until trying this recipe, and finding out some of the real legit benefits of the spice.

According to HealthDiaries.com, turmeric is a(n):

  1. Liver detoxification
  2. Tool in Alzheimer’s prevention
  3. Natural Painkiller
  4. When combined with Cauliflower, a preventative of prostate cancer
  5. Aid in boosting metabolism & weight management
  6. Healing tool for wounds
  7. Antiseptic & antibacterial agent topically & internally
  8. Boosting agent for the effects of Chemotherapy
  9. Aid in healing of psoriasis
  10. Chinese healing aid for depression.

So, pick up some Turmeric… it could spice up your dinner, and your health.

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