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Yum Alert: The Most Excellent Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever

By • Dec 12th, 2011 • Category: Food, FOOD AND TRAVEL, Recipes, SHINFO

Because it’s Monday and we all need a little pick-me-up, these little grilled cheese sandwiches are the perfect Monday night treat. “Yummers” does not even begin to describe these delicious little things.

Little Brioche Aged Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – Chef Jason McClure of Sazerac Restaurant in Seattle

Serves 2-4 as an appetizer


One loaf of Brioche bread

Aged cheddar, sliced

Mostrada *sweet-savory dried fruit compote or chutney spice with savory spices, can be purchased at many specialty food stores


Cut the loaf lengthwise into ½ inch slices and place slices of the aged cheddar in between, building two large grilled cheese sandwiches. Place the sandwiches directly into a Panini press or side by side in a large non-stick pan. The bread has enough butter that you won’t need to butter it. Toast on both sides over medium-low heat, until bread is golden and cheese starts to ooze. Place sandwiches on a cutting board and cut into smaller pieces. Smear the tops of the sandwiches with Mostrada and serve!

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