Winter Beauty Woes

Due to my ‘vanity’ gloves that look fab without keeping my hands warm, and my refusal to give up closed-toe platforms for day & my newly brunette hair, sans hat, getting whipped & stripped from the brisk wind, I’ve been having a rough time getting into the whole ‘winter’ thing.  What’s even more rough? My poor hands, hair & feet.  Some pampering is in order.

Skyy Hadley, owner of As U Wish Nail Spa suggests these important tips to get your hands in tip top, winter proof shape:

The best way to ensure hydration is to exfoliate the hands and condition the cuticles to keep them soft. I recommend softening cuticles before you get in shower: load your hands with a cuticle oil, face oil or Vaseline and then rub in when you get in to the shower. The steam will help penetrate the oil/Vaseline into dry and cracked nails and skin.  (Even lip balm works as well when you’re in a pinch). Do not use a loofah as the product will get lost within the holes, be sure to use hand-on-hand action that way you utilize the product thoroughly.  Always focus on cuticle around the nails and gently massage in – those who are in a rush for time can apply dot by dot by dot.

Follow Skyy’s expert advice with these tried & true recommendations to keep your hands, nails & feet golden & soft this winter [clockwise from upper left]:

completely bare spa’s Completely Buff: As Skyy said, exfoliation is key to soften cuticles, but this can work all over the bod. This mini-microderm-maven in a bottle can be sprinkled into any gel or cream cleanser to reveal smooth, renewed skin, just ready to drink in whatever moisture is coming its way. [$32]

CND A.H.A. Cuticle Eraser: Contains moisturizers & glycolic, malic, lactic, and citric AHAs derived from natural sugar cane to effectively slough away cuticle build-up to reveal tight, healthy tissue and prevent hangnails. [$11]

The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter: The use of organic & fair trade ingredients like olive oil & honey help to enrich the hair from the inside out. Slather it on, free of silicones, parabens and colorants, after shampooing, leave in for 2-3 minutes and rinse clean for hair protected from the winter elements. [$8-$14]

Yes to Carrots Lip Butters: Personally, I’m a mint gal,  but coming in flavors like berry, citrus, melon & their infamous carrot, these lip butters are the perfect cold weather solution to fix dry lips, cuticles, hands & everything else! [$2.99 each]

Vaseline Rich Conditioning Petroleum Jelly with Cocoa Butter: As if Vaseline wasn’t already nourishing, moisturizing & protecting enough, they had to go and add cocoa butter to formulate the ULTRA cracked heel blaster. Stock up on this for the winter, keep smaller sizes in your purse & desk for quick fixes, and a huge jar beside your bed to apply with big socks before bed. [ $3.49 ]

EBoost 5 Calorie Daily Health Booster: Skip your morning coffee & pop this 5 calorie caffeinated pack into some warm water for a citrus-y treat that will boost your immune system with vitamin C, B6, B12, Zinc, Green Tea Extract and more for the cold winter months. [$28 for pack of 24]

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