Win It: Your Summer Lotion Duo from Eucerin

Healthy Skin. We all want it. But for most, it takes a little effort. The occasional glass of water (8 a day, people. Learn it, live it, love it), and slather of whatever lotion you happen to have on your vanity may put you in the realm of following the rules, but it doesn’t quite cut it.   That’s where lo-tion-ic powerhouses, like Eucerin come in.

Veronica Webb

If you’re down to get some glowing skin like Eucerin’s biggest fan, Veronica Webb (pictured above) enter to win one of 10 sets of THE go-to duo for summer skin:

  • Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Hand Creme: $5.59 (SRP) for 2.7 OZ.
  • Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Body Lotion: $9.99 (SRP) for 13.5 FL. OZ.

Eucerin’s Daily Skin Balance is formulated with ingredients like provitamin B, glycerin & a pH buffer to moisturize all day long while fortifying the skin’s barrier to strengthen it’s natural defenses against environmental stressors like pollution, season changes, humidity & dryness that will ultimately effect the way your skin looks & feels.  They’ve even started the Eucerin Skin First Council & Skin First Pledge which were both formed to bolster public dialogue about skin health. The impressive panel includes renowned dermatologist Deborah Sarnoff, MD, leading expert Rajesh Balkrishnan, PhD, and mother, activist and one of the world’s leading supermodels, the gorgeous Veronica Webb (pictured above).

FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY (Contest Ends June 11, 2010 – Open to US Residents Only)

  • Comment below telling us which star you think has the BEST skin around.
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  • Samantha

    Halle Berry- her skin always looks flawless

    RT @Samantha3050

  • dragonfly777

    I think Jennifer Garner has great skin!
    here’s my tweet too:

  • joannaonthelake

    I think Jennifer Lopez has gorgeous dewy looking skin, she is my top pick!

    I am also tweeting, I’m @joannaonthelake

    Thanks so much 🙂

  • Sparklezstars

    Liv Tyler has beautiful skin! @Sparklezstars

  • Jules

    Anne Hathaway always has amazing skin! 😀

  • destinyd1

    Taye Diggs has great skin! @dad1111 on twitter

  • madre2three

    I would have to say Demi Moore. @Madre2three

  • Alacransita84

    Gabrielle Union

    Tweeted as @Alacransita84

  • dermastudent

    Cate Blanchette…her skin is flawless and she looks like a porcelain doll.

  • soulhorse

    Cate Blanchette! definitely! especially for her age = UHMAZING.

  • I RTed and I think Halle Berry has amazing skin!

  • j868jenn

    Best skin around – Katy Perry despite the fact she does Proactiv commercials

  • Luv

    I think Valentine’s Day’s star,and former 7th Heaven star , Jessica Biel has flawless skin. Her skin always look so perfect.

  • blondtxen

    Nicole Kidman has perfect skin.

  • nevertoomuch

    Natalie Portman!

  • jillyrh

    I tweeted @jillyrh and I think Kelly Ripa has beautiful skin

  • cdmtx65

    Halle Berry ! she got beautiful skin !

  • Love Jada Pinkett Smith’s skin

  • helenlam

    Cindy Crawford has great skin

  • sexyknickers68

    Jane Seymour has beautiful skin!! Retweeted @sexyknickers68 and Shared on facebook – Paula C. Thank you 🙂

  • mollydo2

    I think Tyler Swift has AMAZING skin, I would LOVE to have skin like hers!!!! Tweet – @mollydo2

  • saldav83

    All the stars have great skin!! The one that comes to mind right now is Ellen Degeneres. Everyone who posted is right, I agree with all of them!! I tweeted, @tickingsal

  • enana827

    Ashley Greene has this absolutely glowy skin. It’s soft and so clear. She’s just gorgeous anyway…

    twitter: enana827

  • Irene L.

    Ashley Judd’s skin is just like honey, it it beautiful!!! Twitter ID – little_bitty1

  • pamphyila

    Hven’t been close up enuf w/anyone 2 tell – It cd all be skilful mkup!

  • I agree, Anne Hathaway always has flawless skin! I wish I had it too!

  • chrissycrue

    Jennifer Aniston

  • Oclarkee

    I think Tyra Banks!!! TWEET – @Oclarkee

  • Btheodore138

    Jessica Biel has amazing skin. So jealous…