Win It: Your Bra’s Best Laundry Friend – The Berry Bra Ball!

We all know we’re SUPPOSED to handle our bras with care, and not just toss them into the wash with a load of clothes. If you’re a victim of throwing your bras into the washer (Lord knows I am) because its quick and easy and you don’t have time to hand wash – this is the giveaway for you! The new Berry Ball and Bag from Berry Perry is the complete laundry solution set specifically designed to care for lingerie quickly, easily and effectively! The Berry Ball and Berry Bag are not only the solutions for bras, but for underwear, hosiery, socks and other delicates as well. Bras are protected throughout the entire wash cycle safe inside the Berry Ball, maintaining shape, comfort and support. Berry Ball additionally features a unique Scrubbing Ball specifically designed to clean bra cups from the inside. With the Berry Bag, you never have to worry about losing another sock or pair of underwear in the washing machine again! Your underwear, hosiery, socks and other delicates stay safely enclosed in the Berry Bag.

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If you’re one of the 10 lucky winners to receive your very own Berry Ball and Berry Bag, say goodbye to tangled and twisted bras for good and hello to keeping all your socks!

The product  retails at for $13.99.

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FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY: [Contest ends May 14, 2010 — Open to U.S. Residents Only]

  • Comment! Tell us what’s the dirtiest, filthiest thing you’ve ever done? Don’t be shy!

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Corinne is an outgoing and spontaneous Bostonian currently living in New York studying Public Relations. She enjoys traveling, fabulous nights out on the town, and loud laughs. She has a weakness for stilettos, anything leopard print, and greyhounds. Her two essentials before leaving her apartment include Diorshow mascara and Escada’s Moon Sparkle perfume.

  • Lehani_6

    I say the dirtiest thing was when I dropped a Cuban Sandwich on the floor in the midst of a play fight with a friend. I was so upset because of how much I paid for it that I decided to pick it up from the restaurant’s hard wood floor and dust it off followed by a big bite..

    We laughed…took pictures..and just didn’t care.

    I don’t think it gets more dirty/nastier than that. LMAO

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  • enana827

    filthiest? Does…action…in the Sear’s dressing room count?
    hahah. 😉

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  • luv_mydachshund

    the dirtiest thing I’ve done is allow my pups to sip from my cup from time to time when I’m drinking water…I know it is gross & I shouldn’t do it but they are right their with me & want a sip. I do love them & they are like my own kids so I let them…

  • j868jenn

    I had sex in a phone booth in Rome with a stranger I met on a pub crawl…pretty dirty….

  • aliciaely
  • aliciaely

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  • aliciaely

    Dirtiest? I was a lazy housekeeper and reluctantly made love on a bed sans sheets

  • I voted for George Bush.

  • I took a mud bath by the dead sea in Israel. I was cleaning mud out of my hair for a week

  • kimdulina

    A LONT time ago, I was working in a restaurant and dropped a piece of fried chicken on the floor. We scrubbed the heck out of those floors every single day, so I didn’t feel too bad when I brushed it off and served it. I would’ve been another 20 minutes otherwise. I would’ve eaten it, had it been mine, so I figured it would be OK if the customer did as well. The customer was just fine.

  • katie

    I once didn’t wash a bra for 2 months and wore it all the time. That is pretty dirty!

  • Luv

    Well, the dirtiest thing I ever done was back in the 90’s when I was a co-manager of a restaurant. The boss have give me the Christmas bonus for me and the one other manager. He gave me $250 dollars,and told me to split it equally, as I see fit. I hated, the other manager. We just didn’t get along. He had a big problem with viewing women as equal,and it showed. So when it came time to give him his half of the Christmas bonus, I gave him $50,and kept the rest. My boss, who knew what I have done, gave his an extra $10. he bragged about it, thinking he got 10 more than me. My boss look at me, and we both laugh.

  • sethjody

    One of the dirtiest things I’ve done is I didn’t wash my hair for a month I was trying to see if a article I read from the UK about not washing ones hair is good for it, but I ended up with an ichy scalp and really grossed out. LOL

  • Samantha

    I’ve got nothing that will top j868jenn.
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  • Cheekie

    One very humid Saturday last Summer I had very sweaty sex, individually, with 4 different guys, in the space of 6 hours.

  • janielle24

    To be honest I am a pretty clean person with regard to germs and what not..but I will say that I went three weeks without washing my hair… yea it was really dirty!

  • pamphyila

    I have gone a while without showering – & relied on spot cleaning & alcohol baths…

  • @ cheekie, you win, hands down.

  • lol cheekie totally wins. i guess i’m only guilty of not washing my bras for a veryyy long time. so i need this bra ball!

  • Majick

    Wow… if only I could remember. ;-D (I think cheekie beats out j868jenn.)

  • Samantha

    You are right cheekie wins. Now I have an urge to take a shower 😉

  • hofken

    I’ve gone a whole weekend without brushing my teeth – several times.

  • hofken
  • hofken

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  • glitt

    The dirtiest thing I ever did took place on a river in Turkey–I can’t go into any more detail without an XXX-rating.

  • sexyknickers68

    Had sexy with two guys at once….shuuuush now 😉

  • sexyknickers68

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  • sexyknickers68

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  • saldav83

    You want me to tell everyone the dirtiest, filthiest thing I ever done? Um.. I guess I don’t need the Bra Ball that bad.
    I would like to have one, but some things are better not said!!!!

  • helenlam

    It’s both dirty and clean…I took a mud bath. Okay it was followed by a nice mineral water shower and soak.

  • candicech1

    I helped to clean up a Horders house. If you have seen the show Horders on TLC you should know how dirty that can be.

  • lynn2u54022

    I’ll pass on dishing the deets. However, I do sell lingerie for a living, and would love to recommend this to my customers.

  • I gave my bod a dead sea mineral mud treatment last week. I don’t think I’ve ever been more dirty. Literally. Tweeting & posting 😀

  • macaco

    who’s that amazing girl in the picture on the home?