Win It: Your Aging Intervention from Skin 2 Skin

Skin 2 Skin’s naturally organic Aging Intervention Cream contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, to boost antioxidant levels, Dermaxyl, to stimulate healthy cell production and Shea Butter and Vitamins A, C and E, to restore hydration. We see nothing wrong with ANY of that! Packed with age-defying and age-repairing properties, this innovative face cream works to visibly improve the surface area of skin. Protecting against free radicals, it works to repair skin damage by reversing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And living in a city like this, we can use all the help we can get in the free-radical defense department, am I right?



FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY: ( Contest Ends April 9, 2010)

  • Enter your email & comment below telling us what kind of intervention YOU need. Shopping? Sleeping with strangers on school nights? We wanna know!
  • Extra points: Tweet this contest to @LuxurySpot & @Skin2Skincare on Twitter!'
a fun-loving, twenty-something living in Brooklyn. She spends most of her time absorbing all the life, tofu and whiskey that NYC has to offer. Her current obsessions? BDG High-waisted leggings, vintage boot shopping in Williamsburg, Katherine Kwei's sling bag and Melanie Marie's two-finger horn ring.

  • adrian

    Clutter intervention!!

  • Carrie Copeland

    Im addicted to my computer, Im on it all day and night playing apps, finding sweepstakes, giveaways and freebies!!!

  • samantha

    internet sale site shopping
    Hi my name is Sam and I love rue la la and hautelook

  • Sally

    I need an intervention from entering contest. I don’t even have time to play my games anymore, I just keep finding more & more contest to enter. HELP, I’M A SWEEPSTAKES JUNKIE!!!!

  • Gigi

    I need freebie intervention!

  • Rian

    Beauty product intervention…wait…this isn’t helping then, is it?

  • Jennifer P

    a twitter intervention, i need help i spend too much time on here.

  • Wendy

    I most definitely need shopping’s as if I start my day JUST to shop! And btw..this is everyday..

  • aliciabrandt

    I need a contest entering intervention!!

  • Nevertoomuch

    pinkberry intervention

  • Katy M

    I totally need a sleeping intervention! Yikes! I’m so tired all of the time!

  • TerryBMc

    bargain intervention.

  • ironfrax

    I need a PBRintervention.

  • Kim

    spying on old boyfriends with new girlfriends on FB intervention. Its so fun though.

  • Katy M

    I just Tweeted about this giveaway here:

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  • I need a frosting intervention. My biggest weakness, vanilla with colored sprinkles!

  • Regina S

    I need a “Free gift with Purchase” intervention – I just can’t ever pass one up!

  • Chyna106

    Working too much intervention!

  • Elzbieta

    Shopping intervention!

  • Majick

    I have to go with a clutter intervention, I have a hard time letting go of anything. Got let it go of the old to make room for the new.

  • Sherita

    I need to decorating intervention.. I just moved into a new apt and I cant stop buying to stuff and replacing the all the old stuff ( which nothing was wrong with it)

  • Liz

    I need a \stop crushing on my english professor\ intervention. It’s becoming quite consuming and a little embarrassing to flirt during class discussions of Benjamin Franklin.

  • Anna S.

    email addiction

  • Kara

    Product Intervention! I buy way too much!

  • Julie

    A baking bread intervention! I’ve been doing a whole lotta baking!!

  • Sheila

    Chocolate, starch, and salt once a month help!!!

  • annebeth kroeskop

    intervention… watching E!TV, eating licquorice, buying too tight clothing (because after working out they’ll fit…), thinking I NEED everything from Sephora… and last but not least: free radicals!

  • Daniela

    I need serious procrastination intervention!!! Also, after a pasty-faced winter, I could use some dryness-and-dullness intervention!

  • mena


  • Mari Jo

    Do you think it will do any good for a 55 year old? I’d be willing to try. I need an old age intervention

  • cici b

    i need a carb intervention!

  • Smoking!!!

  • pam munro

    Ditto – help with clutter!!

  • Janine

    stress intervention.

  • Eating JUNK!

  • Lia

    Bargain shopping intervention!

  • Jen R.

    A facebook and alcohol intervention…actually, let’s change that to a drunken facebook intervention 😛

  • kat

    reality tv intervention!

  • Kristin

    need some help eating crappy food…

  • helenlam

    I need some sleep… new baby!

  • Amber

    I need an unavailable guy intervention!

  • Candicech1

    I need a designer sale site intervention. Ruelala, Gilt, Hautelook, Ideeli, etc are making me go broke.

  • Dee

    i need SO MUCH more sleep. and less allergies.

  • vickie

    it’s a toss up between clutter and sleeptingt

  • Kimberly

    I could use an exercise intervention. I’ve been slacking for months now and really need someone to get my butt back into the gym!

  • Tracey byram

    I need “doormat” intervention. You know, doormat, as in being treated like a doormat.

  • Meili Wu

    Sleep intervention, of course! xD

  • Deanna G.

    Definitely shopping intervention!

  • Deanna G.
  • deb ely

    I need a new place to live in the city intervention.

  • Ann

    You know what I need? A freaking everything intervention. I look like Bigfoot, haven’t gone out of the house in days, and I generally lead the most boringest. Life. Ever. I don’t care if that’s not a word. >:P