WIN IT: Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Facial Towelettes

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Towelettes [$5.99] — Be one of 10 to win a pack!

Whether you’re jetting off to ski & sip on bubbly with the stars at Sundance, or sitting on your couch eating cookies – these facial wipes will help you tremendously. While I keep mine by my sink for an initial wipe before face washing, they’ll take off eye makeup & lipgloss without scrubbing while incorporating soothing cucumber to let it tone sensetive skin with a cooling feel. Keep them in your gym-bag to de-makeup before an evening workout, in your carry-on for a quick re-fresh between flights. Once these soothing wipes shimmy in to your life, you won’t know what you did without them!

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Towelettes are:

  • 98.7% Natural
  • Biodegradable & FSC Certified
  • Dermatologically & Opthalmologically Tested
  • Oil-free, non-comedoenic, hypoallergenic

And you can be 1 of 10 to win a full-sized pack!

FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY [contest ends 1.28.11]: there are 3 ways to enter

  • Comment below with your best trick to relax & soothe. ex: Hot Yoga? Story time with your kid? A stiff drink with your bestie (ding, ding!)?
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You get one entry for each one so do all four to up your chances! hint: the more tweeting the better! we love a die-hard.'
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  • Jules

    My best trick to relax is to take a long bubble bath (with a glass or two of wine) and then, put on silk pajamas, and get into bed with a good book. (or a guy.)

  • Samantha

    My best trick to relax is going for a bike rife. Me, my metallic purple raleigh bike and nature. NO iPOD’s allowed.

    In snowy months – a cup of cocoa and a book.

    following Y2C and tweeted @samantha3050

  • LaurenDazzle

    Going to the beach is my best trick to relax. It clears my head and puts my life into perspective. When I look out and all I can see is ocean, it makes me feel like no matter how big my problems are, they aren’t bigger than the ocean.

  • Btheodore138

    Something as simple as a pedicure or doing some guided meditation always seems to put me at ease, no matter how out of control my pregnancy hormones are (which has been a lot this week).

  • helenlam

    A nice long bath with some Lush bath bombs is my favorite way to relax!

  • donnak4

    I like to take a got bubble bath.

  • donnak4
  • risingsun

    enjoy relaxing and un-winding < with a nice' fat' JOINT ?!

  • henkelri

    A glass of red wine with a funny movie is a great antidote to a stressful week!

  • sm220

    My best trick to relax is to put on some comfortable sweats and spend the day watching my favorite movies with some chocolate and wine.

  • Lehani_6

    My best trick to relaxing is a good pair of pj’s and comfort food i.e. chocolate on standby.

    Currently following @YesToCarrots and @LuxurySpot and ‘Like’d YesToCarrots and on Facebook

  • Chinese take-out, Moscato, and a Redbox.

  • deadlittlebunny

    Cuddle with my chihuahua in bed, watching a movie with a face mask on. Puppy love makes everything better! And so does pampering your skin.

  • sweetartlet

    A hot shower and a nap always make me feel better…

  • sweetartlet

    Facebook “Liker” of both YesToCarrots and The Luxury Spot.

  • smcsweeney

    The easiest way to relax & soothe is a night out with the girls.
    The best way is a get-away for me & my hubby with no kids. 🙂

  • sweetartlet

    Twitter Follower @MelissaKaye.


  • amweeks

    I love soothe & relax in a hot bubble bath, just reading and listening to music!

  • amweeks

    I follow you both on twitter & tweeted!!/amweeks/status/29608471716429824

  • adendyut

    I take a long hot bath in aromatherapy foam bath,with wine,and my favorite magazines in a no cell phone zone. Followed by an application of sesame oil and putting on my pajamas warm and fresh from the dryer.

  • mgc_uwi

    One of the best ways to relax and unwind is to lie in your bed or some other comfortable place and take deep breaths. If you exhale slower than you inhale you feel your whole body relaxing. Warning – this could actually make you fall asleep.

  • The best way for me to relax is to take it to the mat. I love to unwind through yoga followed by a cup of hot green tea. Works every time.

  • kammi

    The best way to relax and soothe is pole class and yoga. It def relaxes my mind and body especially I am going through rough moment right now with cyber bully. It is crazy. I enjoy going to pole class and yoga with a girl friend of mine. It is such an uplifting and relaxing!

  • Incense, yoga, and solitude.

  • I love a hot bubble bath, followed by herbal tea and book. This always ensures a deeper relaxation.

  • ladyboarder9669

    Take a hot bath then give myself a pedicure.

  • ladyboarder9669

    I like both on twitter and have tweeted the giveaway.


  • cindy

    I relax by drinking a glass of wine with dinner. Cooking or baking to me is a great way to unwind and be created at the end of a long day. Then snuggle up in bed with my son.

  • saldav83

    Just jump in bed and forget about everything! Hard to do but a must to relax.
    Get out of the snow & curl up with some hot chocolate.
    (also follow & re-tweeted)

  • carebear0082

    Martinis and movie night with my best friend ! 🙂

  • napoleon1

    i love to pile all my pillows on the bed and lay on them!