Win It: Natural Handcrafted Soap from Jackson Sage

If you’re like me, and most of the TLS crew, using bar soap to scrub-a-dub dub is a way of life. Loofah puffs may look pretty all pretty & spa-like hanging there in your shower, and exfoliating cloths may get down to the nitty gritty of daily grime, but the high chance of bacteria thriving in these sudsy cleansing accessories result  will most likely cause more harm than good.

We’ve been loving the bar soaps from Jackson Sage to help steer clear of harmful bacterias.  Formulated with all naturally colorful herbs, flowers & clay– sans chemicals — these bars will exfoliate with pieces of lavender leaves, while tea tree oil cures the slick. The line of 12 soaps for face & body will give you sure results, with targeted creations to suit any skin type. Selections from nature,  like Tangerine to rejuvenate, or   can get the skin’s surface in tip top shape, while essential oils, like gardenia & patchouili, can act to increase & develop circulation while acting as a diuretic. And since each product from Jackson Sage comes from a small batch production,  there’s no chance that you’ll find two bars alike. A real homegrown carefully formulated beauty home run.

WIN IT: FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY [Contest ends September 24, 2010]

It’s time for you to get your small batch naturally handcrafted bar-soap weapon of choice. Pick from one of the 12 soaps here and comment below with which you’d love to win, and why.  It’s that simple!

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  • sd4

    Tea Tree & Lavender Complexion Soap – i love the smell of lavender

  • adrian r

    All of the soaps look wonderful. The Happiness really calls out to me. We all need happiness in our day, and what better way to start than first thing in the morning while showering!

  • alcavana

    I’d love the tangerine and adzuki bean soap for moisturizing and cleansing. It sounds like it would smell great!

  • kammi

    I am a fan of The Luxury Spot and Jackson Sage on Facebook. I am a subscriber of The Luxury Spot and Jackson Sage via Email and RSS. I would like to have Happiness Soap.

  • I’d love to win any of them, but if I have to pick, it would be the Lemon Sage, b/c my bf prefers the scent of lemon when it comes to cleansing, and its good for both our skin types. Mmmm, lemon!

  • AND sage! Woohoo!

  • Mithra54

    Being of the older generation, I am always looking for ways to moisture my skin. I have been using soap with Olive oil which softens the skin, so the one I hope to win would be the Lemon Sage Complextion Soap which has so many oils that it has to soften the skin.

  • j868jenn

    I’d love the Margarita soap! If I can’t start my day off with a drink, why not wash up in the morning with a drinklike soap! I love the exfoliating properties of it as I always have rough skin I have to scrub off.

  • Jules

    Would love to win Lemon Sage–perfect thing to wake me up in the morning! 😀

  • I’d love the tea tree and lavender complexion soap. I have had problem skin all my life and would love to try something new!

  • Luv

    I would love anyone of them. However if I had to chose one , I would chose “Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender Soap”. It Stimulates circulation,and and it’s deep cleaning. Plus I love the smell of Lavender .

  • I would like to try the Tea Tree and Lavender Complexion soap. I’m curious as to whether it’ll really save me from a day in oily skin hell! :o)