Win It: Jason Wu x CND Polish Set

Be 1 of 5 to win CND’s Jason Wu Collection (worth $47 each!)

Jason Wu. LOVE HIM.  CND nail products. LOVE THOSE.  So, when they plunged in to a collab-o, naturally I was thrilled (So was Bryce), and was all about making sure you get thrilled too.  The kit includes 4 colors that you’ll love for any month of the year.

  • Miss Wu – Jason’s signature limestone, warm gray that dries matte with subtle chrome sheen, in perfect harmony of masculinity and femininity
  • Brigitte – voluptuous warm pink that perfectly channels 50’s screen siren
  • Sophia – gorgeous mushroom taupe
  • Veronica – highlights the evolution of decadence with a blue-based, oxblood red
  • Anna Effect – layered over any of the four Colours provides a tweed finish via microscopic fibrous pieces that create cool, subtle texture

FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY [Contest Ends June 17, 2011 // Open to US Residents Only]:

  1. Comment below!  Which color best represents your normal Saturday night?  Brigitte-like sexy? Veronica-like decadence?
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  • Gigi

    Veronica would be my go to Saturday night color!

  • sexyknickers68

    I love the sexy Brigitte for a great Saturaday Night!

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  • Btheodore138

    I’m all about the Brigitte for a saturday night. Love it!

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  • Veronica looks, hot and sexy :>)

  • I would have to say Miss Wu would best represents my normal Saturday night because it’s a laid back color and I’m laid back kind of girl.

  • Sophia for sure!
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  • bengalkat

    Love, love, love this collection!

  • MamaMcJ

    Love Love Love Sophia for a Saturday night.. goes with everything!!

  • FashionPixi

    Miss Wu definitely represents my “Normal Saturday” because its a cool, calm color! And on Saturdays I like to sit back and relax, maybe even with a nice cup of lemonade! 🙂 Its the perfect color for any of my Saturdays whether I’m going out or staying in:)

  • FashionPixi

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  • adrian r

    Miss Wu—saturday night is always spent with ny husband. The male/female thing works for us!

  • rohanK

    Defintitely Brigitte… love channeling old school glam when I go out with curls and lipstick that pops. Sometimes I order a Manhattan just because I’m dope like that

  • Erika

    I finally stopped my life-long addiction to picking at my nails, and only have 5 seconds here and there to make them pretty. I need some sexy nail polish in my life! Miss Wu sounds like our Saturday night!

  • dragonfly777

    I’d pick girly pink Brigitte because I’m usually with my daughter doing things like painting our nails, shopping or watching movies 🙂

  • dragonfly777

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  • lm682

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  • cpalagiano

    i love Veronica….even though the color can seem dramatic, it screams elegance….i need nail products! if i don’t have any on, i bite my nails….and no one likes that!

  • April


  • Luv

    Anna Effect – because it’s cool, like I like my Saturday night, and subtle like me.

  • holliister

    brigette for sure!
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  • April

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  • helenlam

    I like Miss Wu the best! Goes with everything and works if I’m hanging with the boys or out with the girls!

  • dropastitch

    Sophia. Subtle, quiet, but lovely.

  • dropastitch

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  • egood33

    I’d like to think Bridgette best represents my Saturday nights, but I think Miss Wu would be more accurate! 😉

  • henkelri

    These are all beautiful … But I have to say Sophia !

  • Jules

    I think Miss Wu represents mt Saturday night… I like hanging out with the boys playing video games or watching zombie movies…while still looking all girly and gorgeous!

  • Jules

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  • wldflowur13

    I like Miss Wu for a Saturday night. It seems to be very calm and relaxing.

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  • Definitely have to go with Brigette for a saturday night with my friends!

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  • Veronica!

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  • cindy


  • Lea Fountas

    Definitely Sophia!!

  • Lea Fountas

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  • Melissa3207

    Love the Veronica! Thanks again Luxury Spot and Ms. Bryce Gruber herself! 🙂

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    Melissa Kelley

  • newburychick17

    gotta say the anna effect sounds really cool and different. could def. see myself painting my nails and toes with that color on any saturday night 🙂

  • Melissa3207

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  • mefink

    I’m a Brigitte

  • mefink
  • Brigitte would be my sat night subtle and feminine

  • mj

    Sophisticated Sophia for me!

  • mj

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  • Sophia – I love neutrals on nails!

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  • shala_darkstone

    Brigitte is definitely me. It’s sultry and sexy.

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  • Awesome giveaway! Thanks 🙂


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    Anutka 🙂

  • Jules

    Tweeting daily b/c I LOVE this prize! 😉

  • eyewonit

    I love the
    Veronica – highlights the evolution of decadence with a blue-based, oxblood red Red is my color and red says hot on Saturday night or any night for that matter!!

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  • SS_Dal

    Love Veronica! Sexy!!

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    I am a fan on Fb as well.

  • Danielle

    Brigitte would be my go to for a Saturday night – perfect for spending a sexy night with my even sexier bf, or going out for a memorable night with friends (which is to include dancing, drinking, and perhaps twirling around on a pole of sorts, depending on how pumped I am).

  • Sophia for sure!

  • Laurishka

    I would most definitely choose Veronica for a Saturday night! Absolutely love polishes with rich tones like these that would be a great contrast with a pale-skinned girl like myself:)

  • hminnesota

    veronica ..all the way.

  • hminnesota

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  • Veronica is hot! What else speaks love besides ox-blood red?
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  • luv_mydachshund

    Veronica – because typically I’m usually red hot and ready to trot on a Saturday night.

  • luv_mydachshund
  • luv_mydachshund

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  • pattypooh11

    I like Veronica for a Saturday night….it’s calm and relaxing while also being cute

  • Brigitte, Sat or any day.

  • vlbrown50

    Veronica-like decadence

  • BigRed

    Come on make a nail junkie happy! I’m a combo of Miss Wu and Veronica, makes for and very interesting Sat night.