Win It: Hugo Naturals Energizing Grapefruit All-Over Lotion

Heatpocalypse is upon us, and we think you could use all the energizing glee you can get.  Enter, the grapefruit scented lotion from Hugo Naturals… a  scented, fruity, ravenously nostril pleasing pick me up like NO OTHER, for alllll over your body.  Made with the purest gluten-free and vegan botanical extracts and essential oils, Hugo Naturals products are free of artificial ingredients, synthetic colors, preservatives and harmful chemicals often found in other brands that claim to be natural or organic.

Be 1 of 10 to win!


Comment below, telling us what which celeb you’d love to have rub this energizing lotion… all over your body. For moisturizing purposes, of course.

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[Open to US Residents Only / Contest Ends July 29]'
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  • Lea Fountas

    Blake Shelton, strictly for moisturizing purposes of course!

  • vivalamena

    I’d be happy with a little gaspard ulliel ;]

  • adrian r

    Paul Rudd—he is cute and makes me laugh!

  • BigRed

    Oh just the thought of taking this out of my fridge and rubbing all over my body during this insane heat AHHHHHHH!

  • my boyfriend is the only hot celeb i could think of (in my eyes) who i’d love to rub this all over me..& if i win this, my dream will come true! the top massage therapist used by the celebs themselves would do as well. Just tweeted this giveaway from @NYCAptHomes. Thanks!

  • I would love to win this! wooohoo! I would LOVE Matthew McConaughey to rub the lotion on me ev-e-ry-wherrrree! lol! 🙂

  • I already like you on facebook!

  • I already follow you on twitter! @giveawaybandit

  • Btheodore138

    I think Ryan Gosling would be pretty awesome at putting lotion on me.

  • Luv

    I would love to have Alexander Skarsgård ( from True Blood) rubbing lotion on me. He tall and seem like he have very strong hands.

  • myprayerpillows

    To be honest no celebrity. I much prefer my dear husband 🙂

  • Chris Evans

  • Anderson Copper .. The news dude !!

  • scarletsublime

    Derek Jeter!


  • adendyut

    brian williams,lol

  • mugsy5808

    I’d love Daddy Yankee to rub this lotion on me, LOL!

  • eyewonit

    George Clooney !!!!!

  • textiff

    I would love to have Blake Shelton rub this lotion all over my body while he is singing “Honey Bee” to me!

  • mj

    I honestly would rather my husband rub this lotion all over me- he has awesome hands!

  • Beegrl77

    Richard Castle – ie. Nathan Fillion please!!

  • mefink

    Sorry ladies Blake Shelton is mine. LOL to bad we are both married but he could rub me any day.

  • mefink
  • miriama59

    Sorry…but it would have to be my husband. IF I wasn’t married, for the sake of your question, it would be Brad Pitt. 🙂

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  • textiff
  • textiff

    following on twitter @textiff

  • textiff

    I “Like” on Facebook as Sheryl Edwards.

  • downeastah

    I would love to have George Clooney rub this on me 🙂 (dont tell hubby)

  • downeastah
  • fairydancer

    I’d love to have George Clooney rub this all over me

  • Ryan Gosling!!!!!!!