Win A Pair of ARMREVOLUTION Cufflinks- Worth $440!

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V Man suit yourself..

That’s right. No need to spend any moola on a swanky gift for the man in your life – just enter to win a pair of  ARMREVOLUTION’s Design #5 cuff links, and you’ll be set for a stellar display of your love, under the Christmas tree ( or menorah – however you roll during the holiday season.)

And it’s also kind of nice to know that your man won’t be schlepping around in his scrabble cufflinks on NYE. He’ll be cufflink’d in style, just how Bryce Gruber likes ’em.

ARMREVOLUTION: Design #5   $440 (includes leather travel case & luxury acrylic gift box)

Check them out, by appointment, in SOHO, or if you’re a jet-setter- check here for their international locations.

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Good luck!'
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  • samantha

    because he is my man and I have to be seen with him.
    That and I lost a pair of his. (oops)

  • Neenz

    He needs them for our wedding in a month! Please!!!

  • gary


  • Sunny Z

    my man is a major fashionista and i have seen him eyeing cufflinks lately whenever we go shopping. i think these are the coolest cufflinks i’ve seen yet. would looooove to gift him with these. plus..he actually wears cufflinks every day so they would be put to good use.

  • dee

    my man needs these because he needs style!

  • Yasmin

    We’re planning a DIY wedding and these would go fantastically with our theme of not paying for anything! Seriously, they are gorg!

  • Majick

    I would love to give these to my husband because even though he’s a construction guy he cleans up real nice. 😉
    He’s always doing special things for me and this would just be cool. they’re really nice links and well, 5 is our lucky number! 😉

  • j byrne

    My guy is always doing for others. Everyone calls him “Johnny Angel”. He has two very infirm parents that he takes care of. He cooks and cleans for them. He even lives across the street so he can be there quicky if they need him. Good thing too because his father slipped down the inside steps and he received a call at 3am from his mother. She doesn’t know any other number other than John’s because of her dementia. That permitted him to get there by running across the street, alert the medics at 911 and possibly have saved his father’s life. He’s the best!

  • Jeanne

    Because my man has great wrist action! It’s all in the wrist!

  • Jennifer Rutsky

    He had a shit year – after losing a ton of money on Lehman stock because he was an employee he got shit canned in January and didn’t start working again until this past September. He’s now an absolute neurotic mess of a human being and has this new rule of no where we can’t eat out, shop, go out or anything because he’s paranoid he’ll lose his job again. He told me not to buy him anything as a gift this year and I’d really like to have something to give him.

  • Hofken

    My man deserves these killer cuff-links to bolster his confidence and self-esteem as he goes job-hunting after being laid-off at 50!

  • denisa

    Because he has proven time and time again that he is the best husband in the world, and because he lost his job this year and his morale has been really low.

  • jee

    Because my man has a great sense of style and these would be a great grad school and jumping into the interview pool gift

  • Because everybody needs a new pair of links.

  • My young man could really use these to polish off his look–These would certainly do it. He seems he never can afford a nice pair.

  • annebeth kroeskop

    because if I give him these pretty cuffs, he’s supposed to give me something in return, something like a great ring! wouln’t that be fabulous???

  • Jessica

    My Guy needs a good luck charm- he’s in the heisman race!!

  • Beka

    My man’s vanity plate says “Swanky,” but his cuffs are bare! Please help him live up to the image he would like to project!

  • Joe

    Ha… I need them for myself because I am an unabashed clothes whore!!!!

  • Nicole

    We are newlyweds and since his birthday was close to our wedding date, He never recieved a present and I forgot his birthday last year (gulp)

  • He’s super stylish and would look even more swanky with these!

  • karina

    bc my man has been really supportive this year while my dad was in the hospital dying of cancer. yes its meladramatic but its also true. he is a good man who loves truly and deeply and deserves something nice to happen. that and his job doesnt pay so well (or mine for that matter) so what a nice gift for a good person.

  • Suzanne

    WOW, these are amazing. So James Bond. My boyfriend just started his own company; it takes courage, guts and risk. I would love to reward him with something magnificent to show how proud I am of my little entrepreneur. His image is very important in his line of business and needless to say, it takes time to build a business and gain a steady income. I also know he already LOVES these.

  • Filippo Randon

    I am a guy – always making presents, never receiving them! So, broke and sad!
    ashley, save me please?

  • Hmmm, I can think of three valid reasons:

    – I’m getting my first bespoke tuxedo in a couple of weeks, and the modern design of these cuffs would be a perfect match to the classic look of the dinner jacket.
    – Gold cufflinks don’t match my eye color… Japanese steel on the other hand…
    – I would be the first Parisian reader of TLS to win a contest here.

    And finally, because I didn’t start this comment with “My man…”
    (and I promise to send you a picture next time I wear them with the tux, to match your illustration above;)

  • Kai

    He is a gorgeous specimen who needs these to complete his look. And he deserves the best becuase he gives his best.

  • Aileen

    Because my man has style and these are made for him!

  • ely

    My man deserves to win these cuff links because he puts up with a lot of nonesense at home and at work. It time he got some luxury in his life.

  • Jess

    My guy needs cuff-links because it would encourage him to actually DRESS UP once in a while… I am so sick of the “too cool for school” jeans and t-shirt look, PLEASE HELP! 🙂

  • Sherita

    I have the best man in the world and he does so much for me. He deserves these cuff links not only as a way for me to say thanks and he is appreciated but also to keep him stylish and GQ. He would rock these and make everyone want to go out and get pair so they can look as good as he will with them!!

  • Gary He

    Because I’m going with Bryce Gruber to Toronto next week.

  • Katie

    My man would look Hot with these!

  • Helen

    My man deserves them bc he works his ass off the support his 2 kids and pregnant wife and now he did his civic duty and just got a vasectomy yesterday so getting something as nice as these cuffs will make his day while he’s recovering. 🙂

  • Katie

    Well, first off I will say I think it’s great that all these women have such great men and want to reward them!! Go girls!
    I don’t have a man but it’s okay! I do have an amazing brother who is the only man in my life at the time. He never treats himself to anything but is always giving to me and my mother by cooking for us when we get home from work late, even though he works in the ER all day! He really deserves something nice like these cufflinks, something that I can’t give him. I would love the opportunity to show our appreciation to him. He really takes care of us and I simply don’t know where we would be without him. Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Courtney

    So my boyfriend works at Bloomingdales, running the bridal registry at 59th street. He’s in charge of all the ladies who work for him, and they are all IN LOVE with him and his sense of style (somehow even wearing black everyday per Bloomies dress code). It helps of course, that he wears his Prada glasses everyday and is gorgeous.

    He’s such a fashionmonger that I’m not allowed to pick out flats for myself anymore because all the shoes I pick out “are for old ladies”. I’ve been instructed to buy a pair of Tory Burch’s. He would probably pee himself with happiness if I presented him with a decent pair of cufflinks, let alone this beautiful pair.

  • Vanessa

    He needs them because he got the UGLIEST cloth ones for Christmas last year from some relatives… poor thing! Let’s make this Christmas more memorable 😀

  • Betty

    I see someone else has a man who lost his. Mine misplaced a second pair in the last move. These would be an excellent replacement pair that he does truly deserve. Promise, I’ll keep my eye on them and they won’t get misplaced.

  • Ximena C

    i think my boyfriend deserves this because he’s worked his entire butt off all four years of college and hasn’t been able to afford something very nice for himself. he recently landed a job at citi bank in manhattan as an analyst right out of college and im sure these would look very nice with his suits when he walks onto wall street on his first day at the job right after our college graduation 🙂
    thanks a lot you guys!

  • TTD

    He’s always rolling up his sleeves due to lack of cuff links. It’ll make him look more polished and motivate him to move up his corporate ladder! Plus, I’m a broke college student!

  • Zhong Ying

    clearly cause I deserve it

  • Kwan

    I shall start small on my path to refinement & understated fashion. Preferably with these links.

  • My man deserves these wonderful cuff links because he is kind,patient,loving and is a top shelf guy. I would love to give him a gift that matches his personality and these cuff links make a statement!

  • VA

    1. He is born on the FIFTH day of the month.
    2. He has the patience of a saint when I am a bitch

  • Because these would make any man arm worthy.

  • laurin

    He is a sweet, loving, affectionate, romatic man who is always planning something fun for us or buying me flowers, not to mention he is a younger and hotter version of Enrique Iglasias. When he leaves in the morning all I can think about is how hot he looks and how lucky the women are that work with him because they can stare at him all day. Although he wears only the sharpest slim-fitted suits to work every day and accesorizes with corrdinating tie, hankerchief, and cuff links, they are not the most high end quality pieces. These cufflinks would compliment his look and be an upgrade from any of the cufflinks that he has.

  • My boyfriend totally deserves theses! He got me the most beautiful necklace for my birthday last week , he was so cute and nervous about buying me jewelry but he did it anyway, he needs positive reinforcement to do it again! . He announces for roller derby and needs to be sexy and stylish to keep his opportunities coming in. He lost his salary job in event production last year and has been freelance since, he meets with high style people all the time and deserves to be just as confident. He would never buy these for himself and I cant afford them but he would cherish them and give lots of on air plugs to the nice folks who gave them too him! I really hope he gets them, Josh has put so much work into his personal growth this year I’m consistently in awe of him, he deserves a win!