Did You Know Rocks Can Get Married in Japan?

wedded rocks, japan'
Written by Gary

See, this is what happens when you let gay people get married. Off the shore of Futami, Japan, two ocean rocks have gone and gotten hitched. They are now known as the β€œwedded rocks” and have come to represent the duality between the joining of a man and a woman.

wedded rocks, japan

Called Izanagi and Izanami, the rocks are tethered together at all times by a thick rope made of rice straw, whatever the fuck that is. To me, the rope is the most interesting part since it weighs at least a ton, and is constantly corroded by the sea.

All joking aside, the rocks represent the holy union of the spirits of the world, as a part of the Shinto faith. I have no idea what the Shinto faith actually is, but I know that any religion that would let rocks get married sounds okay in my book.

wedded rocks, japan

wedded rocks, japan

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