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Travel Spotting: London’s City Hall may have been built by Cone-heads'
Written by Gary

I live in downtown Manhattan, so I see the City Hall building all the time. While I often fantasize about living on the entire top floor during a zombie apocalypse, and growing my own vegetables in an organic garden I can’t help but be jealous of other cities that take artistic license with their architecture.

The City Hall Building of London is one such building. Much like the Cloud Gate in Chicago, the building is a modern, organic shape and a throwback to the art and aesthetic expression of architecture. Frankly, it looks like it was built by the cone-heads back when Dan Ackroyd was still relevant. In New York there is a dichotomy between historical significance and modern design. There is a sense of pride in preserving the old, while being open to the new. London, an even older city has embraced modern architecture in this very important building.

To that sort of broad-mindedness, I say Pip-pip, Chim-chim-cheree and whatever other sayings those wacky Brits use to congratulate each other before downing another pint at the pub with fish and chips.

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