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Travel Spotting: Infinity pool in the Singapore skyline

By • Oct 17th, 2011 • Category: Cities, FOOD AND TRAVEL, Hotels

If it is one thing I love it is infinity pools. A childhood fear of water has left me somewhat helpless when I go into the deep end of any pool – so I figure why not compound that fear by adding in the irrational paranoia of swimming off the edge of a building. The Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore was designed by Boston-based architect Moshe Safdie and creates the amazing illusion of an oasis in the skyline of a bustling city.

The hotel itself boasts 2,560 rooms and many other interesting features such as an indoor canal and a museum shaped like a lotus flower (don’t ask me what that looks like – visions of Georgia O’ Keefe faux-ginasĀ  come to mind). The hotel is also connected to the Skypark, which can be described as a tropical garden in the sky 656 feet above sea level.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel manages to bring together two of my biggest fears: falling from a building and drowning in a pool, and yet can only be described as an urban example of modern design technology and progressive architectural models.

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