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This Stylish Sweater Chair Is Way More Awesome Than The Snuggie

By • Feb 13th, 2013 • Category: FASHION, HOME AND REAL ESTATE

Pshhhh, forget the Snuggie! Next time you want to curl up on the couch like the lazy bum you are, just plop down in this cuddly, wuddly blanket chair and wrap yourself up in complete coziness. Unlike the Snuggie, this surprisingly stylish chair was created by a polish fashion designer (like, a real one who doesn’t make heinous fleece wearable blankets), and it actually looks pretty chic if we don’t say so ourselves. We wouldn’t mind snoozing, catching a romcom or perusing through magazine after magazine in this snuggly sweater seat. I mean, c’mon, it even has pockets!


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