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The Real Uncensored Story of St. Valentine

By • Feb 14th, 2014 • Category: SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS

Everyone always says that Valentine’s Day was made up by the candy companies to push their chocolate agenda. Other people say that Hallmark made it up, in a bid to sell cards that would eventually become as obsolete as Kelly Pickler’s career. The truth however, is that Valentine’s Day is named for a patron saint, aptly named St. Valentine, and the origins of the holiday are a little more sketchy than you might think.

St Valentines origin
St. Valentine was the patron saint of bee keepers, plague victims, and epilepsy sufferers, as well as love. The holiday is either named after a bishop or a priest in the third century, both of whom were martyred by Claudius II for defending Christians, and the priest was even beaten to death and decapitated.

Valentine’s Day itself came about when early Christian leaders tried to do away with Pagan festivals by replacing them with watered-down Christian versions. Valentine’s Day is a bastardized form of the Roman festival of Lupercalia, honoring Juno, where naked men beat women with animal hides, and Juno was said to bless courtship rituals or marriages.

In case you were wondering about bee keepers, plague victims, and epileptics, St. Valentine was said to create miracles by curing the sick, and bee keeping has a loose symbolic connection with fertility.

The moral of the story is, even though the actual saint was beaten to death as a martyr, St. Valentine has always been a symbolic representation of love, and everyone deserves a little love, even plague victims and DMV workers, #amiright?

St Valentines origin

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