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The Infinite Loop of Fertilization

By • Nov 5th, 2009 • Category: SHINFO

Life is confusing.  If you’re like most pregnant women, you’ve probably wondered “hey, if my fetus is a girl and someone shoots their load into me unprotected… can my baby get pregnant?”  Well, yes, and it’s called “The Infinite Loop” and it’s more normal than you think.  Yahoo wouldn’t lie.

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  • dg

    yahoo never lies. you can’t make this shit up

  • KraSue

    I believe its called Russian doll syndrome.

  • SerinaDruid

    lmfao thats the best answer ever.

  • Cs


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  • Helen

    LMAO! I refuse to raise my fetus’s baby…lol!

  • Bryce

    helen, be more mature. it’s not your fetus’ fault that you got her pregnant.



  • martin

    You can not get pregnant with oral sex or anal sex. If there is a chance of getting into a loop of some kind why take the risk. Good Catholic girls have known this for years.

  • Seth

    Man, people like this shouldn’t have kids.

  • Sara

    if you have to ask that question you should just get the baby aborted right now. Dumb ass….

  • Alexis

    First off: Martin: You didn’t pay attention in sex ed, did you? Women can still get pregnant(though the chances drop a bit) if they have anal sex instead of regular sex. Sperm are like fish. They swim where it’s wet. And they can live in the body for 5 days, or so they taught us in high school. So long as they can fertilize the egg in that time, women can still become pregnant, even if they have anal sex.

    Second off: Simply frikkin hilarious. I love this question, but I love the answer even more.

  • saz

    omg, i cannot believe that this pathetic excuse of a human being is adding to the worlds population….our future is f**ked!!! IQ down the toilet syndrome!!!! She needs a shot of intelligence STAT!!!

  • Tori

    Alexis: you’re an idiot. Women cannot get pregnant from anal sex. The anal and vaginal cavities are part of completely separate systems. Yes, sperm can live for up to three days in the body, and yes they swim where it’s wet, but they don’t walk through walls!

    second: I agree with Sara. If you have to ask that question, just get it aborted.

  • elisa

    Are you serious Alexis? I hope not.

  • Jess

    Maybe Alexis means that there is a chance of semen dribbling if it’s messy anal sex. In which case there would be a possibility of getting pregnant. Just like theres a slight chance even if you have no sex, but the guy ejaculates near the vagina.

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  • Nick

    Obviously Alexis was joking…which makes the posters after her just as dumb as the origional question lol

  • tori

    YO DAWG! I heard you like children.. so I put a baby in your baby… HHAHA

  • Anonymous

    /sigh Someone forgot Rules 1 & 2 :(

  • swayla

    you can only get pregnant thru anal sex if the cum or semen comes out of her ass and crosses the short distance to her vaginal opening and swims inside. which can happen if your not careful. and that question is funny while the answer is freaking hilarious! we should make people take a test before they are allowed to procreate. lol

  • Trustthapo

    Oh, lord. The worst part about the human population is that Natural Selection has gone right out the window- the idiots in our world continue to survive, and this happens.

  • Ashley

    I was under the impression that a woman could get prego only after she has become an official “woman”… for those of you that don’t know that’s called a period. Plus women can’t sustain a baby if they’re under or over weight… so a baby getting pregnant is just ridiculous….

  • jordiNYC


    … and yes they DO need to do way instain mother! XD

  • Dogbreath

    She should stick to blow jobs. Problem Solved.

  • Jorwildtile

    LMFAO Oh my Hell, I believe this person might be in the same family gene pool as the one who wanted to know if a glove could be as effective as a condom if used in place of(in his defense, the nearest store WAS over 20 miles one way:). God, help the next generation, I believe it is a bit too late for this one.

    If you would like to donate to the Taxi Cabs for the Future Halting of Red Neck Births Foundation, please dig deep, looks like it may take more than one ride. Thank You Very Very Much. Donate twice to help in the elimination of the possibility of twins;)

  • Jorwildtile

    This made my day to know no matter how many stupid things I say or do, there is always someone “Stupider”;)JK, more stupid than I:) I am blessed! Anyone up for a game of “Are you smarter than a fetus’ holding cavity”?

  • s8n



  • Arnold

    i lol’d heartily

  • Boomer babe

    Hmmmm,…………Morther, underage child and grandchild living together in same residence……even cheeper than a trailer!!!

  • Alza

    FUNNY! and people like her should be thrown onto a deserted island with meat eating animals…..

    wow i’m cruel…

  • Barney

    You’ve all been gulled! HAHA on YOU!

  • samantha

    Some people should never be allowed to breed.

  • Kayann

    I think my brain just exploded…
    yup…totally gone. Thanx people.
    You all suck and hope u get hit by a bus

    (to the people that originally posted, not u guys <3)

  • Kitty

    This girl has to be a SPED..seriously. AND Rednecks aren’t that stupid sounds like a Jersey girl to me.

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  • mothwentbad

    I should mention that the infinite chain of fetuses terminates when the level of resolution becomes comparable to the size of a single water molecule, at which point further impregnations are impossible until the babies all grow a little. At most 16 nested babies can be carried this way.