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The Happiest Cemetary In The World

By • Aug 4th, 2010 • Category: FOOD AND TRAVEL

In Săpânţa, a small village in the far north of Romania, graves tell illustrated stories for the deceased to make peace with their life & fate.

Originally begun by a peasant grave carver named Stan Petras in the 1930s, and carried on today by the Pop family, the “Happy Cemetery” has become one of the most popular tourism attractions in rural Romania, with tour buses pulling up and unloading foreigners hourly.

If I ever had the option, I would definitely get buried there!

For instance, the lady below was obviously the village’s whore.

She got hit by a car…

The tavern keeper drank himself to death.

The village idiot rollerbladed on train tracks.

This man was beheaded by Hungarian gendarmes during WWII!!!


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