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The 5 Weirdest Products of 2011

Written by Bryce

Everything from warm apple pie socks to body cream made of worm poop!

2011 was certainly a weird year, but the products that came out made the year just a smidgen weirder. We rounded up some of the best of the weird and awesome for you… and they’re still worth discovering in 2012. Heck, if the world is ending we should all experience a little weird, right?

1. Bytox Hangover Prevention Patches. These look and feel just like you’re doing your best to curb your smoking habit, but they actually are chock full of vitamins to prevent the nasty symptoms ofΒ  last night’s wicked holiday party. What makes these so weird is that you’d never expect this to come in patch form, and if you’re wearing the patch whilst getting really drunk you might trick a potential lover into thinking it’s a birth control patch. NOTE TO USERS: it only prevents a spinning head, not a pregnancy.

2. Schick Quattro Disposable Razors… scented like raspberries. I’m a huge fan of Schick Quattro- in fact, it’s my razor of choice, but I still can’t wrap my head around exactly why the handles are scented. I mean, do most hairy-legged women have putrid leg odor as well? Does it mask nether-region odors? Who knows, but if you’re in a pinch, I guess you can rub one of the handles vigorously against the inside portion of your wrists for a perfume effect.

3. Elizabeth Grant Moisturizing Socks. These don’t seem THAT weird, but if you could feel the inside of them you’d be screaming all sorts of “OMG” types of things. They honestly feel like silicone and warm apple pie had a baby and raised it in a sock. And that means you can use the socks for your feet, hands, and just about anything else that likes to feel wrapped up in warm apple pie if you catch my drift.

4. Nozin- the nasal disinfectant. If you’ve been a fan of Lysol for years (and really, what neurotic woman hasn’t?), you’ll love Nozin. It gets right up in your nostrils to disinfect the whole nasty scene. This is especially good for us gals in cold climates, and great to leave on your desk or in your bag if you simply can’t use your magical genie lamp of salt water to do a nasal flush. Oh, and it’s at most major drugstores, so that’s pretty jazzy too.

5. Body Cream made from WORM POOP. I know, it totally sounds like a joke… but it’s not. Worm castings (earthworm excrement) has suddenly become a popular ingredient in moisturizers. Farmers have been using this ingredient for ages to make plants grow faster, but now it’s available to give you baby soft skin. It’s said to have anti-aging properties, too, if you don’t die from the idea that you’re rubbing worm crap all over your body. I happen to think this is the best passive aggressive gift ever, by the way. Nothing says “you’re an old piece of sh*t” like worm crap cream.

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