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Take a Dive in Nemo 33, The World’s Deepest Diving Pool

nemo 33'
Written by Gary

Swimming, snorkeling, and diving are all great ideas if you want to enjoy a little adventure on your vacation. Whether you dislike how the salt gives you knappy hair or are deathly afraid of sharks, there are plenty of reasons to avoid salt water. That is why I have decided to add Nemo 33, the worlds deepest diving pool to TheLuxurySpot’s bucket list.

nemo 33

Nemo 33 in Brussels, is the only place in the world where you can have an adventurous, yet leisurely afternoon underwater (without having to worry about sea-life), get certified for diving (complete with aΒ  champagne toast), and have a delicious lunch under the surface. The man-made structure features underwater pools, caves, tunnels, and pits, and makes a great stress reliever or bonding experience with a loved one. The deepest pool is 113 feet, which would be an accomplishment for anyone. Also, 23 feet below the surface is the Nemo 33 restaurant, where you can surface from your dive and dine on Thai food in a room surrounded by huge windows that look out into the pools. If you find yourself looking for something adventurous and unique to do in Brussels, you should definitely add Nemo 33 to your own bucket list.

nemo 33

nemo 33

nemo 33

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