5 DIY 1920s Makeup Looks You Can Wear Today

5 DIY 1920s Makeup Looks You Can Wear Today

TweetLove those glam 1920s makeup looks? Us too, so we put together a little guide on how to wear them now. History is bound to repeat itself and we’ve been noticing a lot of 1920s makeup looks popping back up again. Most 1920s makeup looks were pretty harsh, but with a few minor tweaks they can be totally vintage-meets-modern. They original looks were intentionally high in contrast to look ... »

abandoned vintage camper

Peek Inside a 60-Year-Old Abandoned Camper

Peek inside an abandoned vintage camper! »

Street Style: The Jazz Age Lawn Party

Street Style: The Jazz Age Lawn Party

TweetThe Jazz Age Lawn Party really brings out the best in vintage style. The Jazz Age Lawn Party is quite the little festival that takes place on Governor’s Island in New York City. The festival brings back the best music from the 1920’s and show you all the hottest dance moves. The best part? A Charleston dance competition. Here’s a few of our favorite shots from this past week... »

The Best Dating Advice Comes From The 1930s—Obviously

The Best Dating Advice Comes From The 1930s—Obviously

TweetListen, I can bag a man for a date and make him take me to Per Se for dinner. I’m pretty good at this whole dating thing. However, don’t quote me on that when it comes to me doing a walk of shame the next morning. I just never really had any kind of guide, letting me know that you don’t need to sleep with men just because they buy you dinner. If someone had let me in on that... »

musee des arts forains

Visit the Scary Carnival Museum, Paris

TweetIn the past, I never really loved carnivals. Every year the Bay County Fair would come to my hometown. Every year I would go with my friends, basically because there is nothing else to do when you are 12 years old. Every year I would throw up all over the place, and vow to never go again. I rinsed and repeated so many times I should have a contract with Vidal Sassoon. For this reason, I was i... »

madame de florians apartment

Dusty Old Paris Apartment is a Time Capsule of Fabulousness

TweetAttention all Francophiles and vintage fashion whores, your dream apartment has been discovered. Much like Nicole Kidman’s vagina, the apartment of Madame de Florian (a French socialite and actress) has been sealed since 1942. It sat unmolested until now, and has since been opened to discover that everything has remained exactly the same for the past 72 years. Madame de Florian (unlike Nicole... »

Robert De Niro cab driver

Robert De Niro Used to be an NYC Cab Driver

TweetIt wasn’t always fame, movies, and exclusive TriBeCa for Robert De Niro. Check out his NYC taxi driver’s license. This goes to show you that you should always be kind to your cab drivers because you never to do know. Strike up a conversation, and if they reply with, “You talkin’ to me?” that’s when you know to tip them well because they’re destined fo... »


5 Childhood Toys That Are Worth a Ton of Money Now

TweetWe all thought selling Beanie Babies in a few years would help us buy our first home or at least lift us out of debt. Au contraire. This slideshow is about to reveal which humble childhood toys will now bring you the greatest wealth. As an infant, you could have been a keen investor without even knowing it. Click through to see these playthings put Beanie Babies to shame. Image [via] »

Vintage Oreo ad

A Brief History of Oreos

TweetOreos are the best selling cookie in the world. Yes, you may wonder what the cream is actually made of or want to cry when you try to decipher the ingredient list, but sometimes there just is no other alternative to an Oreo. I never eat them whole – not twisting them apart is sacrilege in my opinion (and the opinion of 50% of other Oreo eaters). Regardless of how you go about consuming ... »

marilyn monroe yoga

Marilyn Monroe Did Yoga, Too.

TweetMarilyn Monroe Yoga… TOTALLY A THING. For some reason, I thought yoga was a fairly new trend – new, as in circa Legally Blonde new. Well, I was wrong. Marilyn Monroe has been doing yoga since 1946. She was like the 1940’s version of today’s pilates-obsessed stars. Elizabeth Arden and Greta Garbo soon jumped on the yoga bandwagon, too, and the rest was history. Scroll d... »

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