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Get Ready for Spa Week- it’s cheap!

Cheap spa treatments rock our world!

As if you needed another excuse to pamper yourself, Spa Week is upon us again.  October 11-17 New Yorkers will have access to dozens of high end beauty and spa treatments for only $50 (hello, mega savings!).  You’ll be beautiful, possibly healthier, and more satisfied with yourself after having adventured around NYC checking out all the best spas. Some of our fave treatments worth tryi... More...

By • Sep 23rd, 2010 • Category: BEAUTY

#GreatSkinInTheUSA with SPA WEEK

Spa Week Blog brings a nationwide fix to stressful skin.

Spa Week. Oh, how I love thee. And, for now, while I wait for you… I read about your amazing ways to pamper across the nation. Read on to find the Top 12 Hottest Spa Treatments for Fall: This list will bring you all sorts of pamper-ific fun like lash extensions, energy work, everything oxygen, other stuff involving seaweed and of course, the one… the only… the Vatoo from Completely Bare... More...

By • Aug 13th, 2010 • Category: BEAUTY, Cosmetics, Fragrance, Hair, Skin

Vatooing Your Vagina (because vajazzling is obsolete)

Vatooing, Twatooing, vattooing, whatever you want to call it… it’s wild.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you: vatooing. A while back I brought you some interesting news on the fine art of Vajazzling, which as we all know now, is the act of adorning one’s vagina with little Swarovski crystals.  Enhancing the mons pubis has since been an explosive trend in 2010, and I’m happy to bring you the latest installment: vatooing (also spelled “vattooing!”).  Vato... More...

By • Aug 9th, 2010 • Category: FEATURES

Vajacial: The Civilized Way to Enhance Your Vaj

TweetBefore reading on, you should know that some of the content in this post is going to be outrageous, and [...]

Before reading on, you should know that some of the content in this post is going to be outrageous, and might even be inappropriate or offensive. Just sayin’. By now you’ve all heard of Vajazzling, the fine art of vaginal bedazzling.  If you consider yourself the classier type that’s not usually found adorned in crystals and Ed Hardy gear, the Vajacial might be more interesting to y... More...

By • Feb 13th, 2010 • Category: SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS, Sex Life