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Travel Gear Spotting: Globe Trotter

Travel Gear Spotting: Globe Trotter

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Milly Fall 2013 clutch

Travel Gear Spotting: Milly’s Smart Clutches

Tweet Milly went all Proenza on us during their Fall 2013 RTW show with these hologram clutches. I’d say the Milly version is smarter, though – look at that ingenious strap! Now we don’t have to work as hard to clutch our clutches. (That’s a #firstworldproblem if I’ve ever heard one.) Maybe instances of carpel tunnel will decrease thanks to them. Images [via] »

Travel Gear Spotting: Hèrmes Luggage

Travel Gear Spotting: Hèrmes Luggage

Tweet I’ve always dreamed about having Hèrmes luggage. Unlike other brands, the Hermes luggage goes without a monogram. My two favorites pieces are the Hèrmes tan and chocolate brown tote featured below. Maybe not the most practical because you can only fit a book, a pair of sunglasses, and a bottle of water, it looks gorgeous. Ah, maybe one day… Shop Hèrmes online here. »

studded BCBG coffee cup

Travel Gear Spotting: Studded BCBG Coffee Cup

Tweet Watch your back, Starbucks. BCBG is encroaching on your coffee cup monopoly, and they’re doing it in a much chicer way than you. Just when you thought your trenta non-fat soy skinny drip stevia dirty chai latte couldn’t any any trendier, it did. It is now rocking studs. I just hope the coffee cup community gets it together because it’s sort of almost spring, and studs will ... »

Shourouk bags

Travel Gear Spotting: Blinging Bags

Tweet If these aren’t the ultimate vacation bags, I don’t know what are. Just looking at them gives me a weird longing to go to Palm Beach or, dare I say, Miami. Even if you don’t take these bags on vacay, you’ll still make a statement in the office or on the street. Shine bright like a Mugler. Mugler Naboo Clutch  [via] Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini Classic Hologram Bag [via]... »

Ourika Collection luggage

Travel Gear Spotting: Hudson + Bleeker Spring/Summer 2013

Tweet Standing out at the airport is important when it comes to luggage. You don’t want to be like me and have a plain black piece of luggage with the only differentiating factor being a hot pink and orange gingham ribbon tied on the handle (brought back from Florida, obviously). Instead, do yourself and everyone else in the airport an aesthetically pleasing favor, and choose Hudson + Bleeke... »

trailer exterior

Travel Gear Spotting: A Quaint Home on Wheels

Tweet Notice I call this a quaint home, not a trailer. “Quaint home” better conveys just what this renovated 1968 camper really is. It’s only about 100 square feet, but the charming turquoise and white exterior and deftly strategized use of interior space makes it a perfectly livable home on the road. The Colorado couple who owns it can explore the country and look cute – m... »

Macaron Coin Purse

Travel Gear Spotting: The Sweetest Way to Store Loose Change

Tweet I always think macarons are too pretty to eat (but then I eat them, and I’m like, “Wait, no, that was worth it”). Now that change purses come in macaron form, this problem is solved: it’s a way to showcase just how pretty and cute macarons are without the notion of any possible deliciousness that could result from eating them. My sister actually got this purse for Chr... »

Holiday Travel

Travel Gear Spotting: What to Pack When Traveling for the Holidays

Tweet Whether you’re traveling to cold climates or warm destinations this holiday season, all you need to pack in your beauty bag are a few essentials to keep you looking holiday-ready! For sunny getaways: SPF- Sunscreen is so super important throughout all seasons. You need to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun with a broad spectrum sunscreen. Don’t worry, though ̵... »

This Bag Is Not Yours luggage tag

Travel Gear Spotting: Never Lose Your Luggage Again

Tweet Next time someone tries to grab your black Samsonite luggage off the airport luggage belt, this premium leather luggage tag will tell them what time it is. It’s a nice clear, laconic statement disguised as a handsome, chic luggage tag. Keep this one in mind for those last minute gifts for the traveling men in your life. If you want something a little more personal, this website also of... »

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