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L'Hemisfèric city of arts and sciences spain

Travel Spotting: The City Of Arts And Sciences In Valencia, Spain

Tweet L’Hemisfèric In case you have never heard of it, the City of Arts and Sciences in an entertainment complex located in Valencia, Spain. It is basically a bunch of architecturally spectacular buildings that serve as the cultural center for the city. The City is situated in a former riverbed (the river Turia), which was drained and rerouted after a devastating flood in 1957. In case you d... »

BMW Welt, Munich

Travel Spotting: The BMW Welt, In Munich

Tweet Have you ever gone with your significant other to buy a car? No matter how much research, time, and effort you put into it to make it as seamless as possible, you will inevitably fight. It may be over something as small as him preferring cloth seats (so his balls don’t stick), while you want heated seats to warm your vagina on cold, winter days, but making big purchases always seems to... »

Glencoe Scotland

The Perfect Holiday Travel Gift: A Lordship In Scotland

Tweet What do you get for the guy who has everything? Trying to find unique gift ideas is a conundrum on a lot of minds recently with Christmas coming up, and it’s been on my mind specifically regarding one of my best friends. This particular friend was an only child growing up, so he is the kind of person who goes out and gets whatever he wants. This makes him incredibly hard to shop for, s... »

kayaking, italy

The Perfect Traveling Sports Date: Kayaking

Tweet So you are an active person on a vacation with your loved one, but while you want to go out and climb mountains in your underwear, they prefer to lounge by the pool with a magazine and a cocktail.  You could go without them, but then you run the risk of being whisked away by a burly chested mountain man (or woman), and you would prefer to experience these things with your lover, because that... »

Travel Inspiration: A Frozen Wave In Antarctica

Travel Inspiration: A Frozen Wave In Antarctica

Tweet Global warming, my ass. As we all know, human beings are basically a plague that descended upon the Earth and decided to take up most of the available real estate until there were very few undiscovered places left to see. Nowadays, if you want to see something truly spectacular you either have to travel to the depths of the ocean, or visit Antarctica. The reason I wanted to post these photos... »


Travel Spotting: Spotlight on Ecuador

Tweet Ever since the year 2,000 (Remember when we used to call it that?) Ecuador has adopted the US dollar as its official currency. This means that we Americans don’t have to worry about changing our money over, or getting confused about the difference between a quarter and a 2-dollar coin (Canada, I am talking to you). The equator is one of the first things we learn about in grade school (... »

packing suitcase

Travel Spotting: How To Pack Your Boyfriend’s Clothes In A Carry-On

Tweet Choose black or brown: If you are working with limited space, I suggest you choose a color scheme. He will need at least one classy outfit for any vacation, so choose either black or brown dress shoes/belt. Then, match all his casual clothes to that color so he can dress everything up or down without worrying about looking like a homeless person. Roll his clothes: The easiest way to cram a b... »

hill giant, austria

Travel Spotting: The Hill Giant, Austria

Tweet Gorgeous alpine scenery? Check. Access to beautiful jewelry? Check. A giant head built into the hill-side that spews water and has crystal eyes? The Hill Giant in Wattens, Austria is not only an awesome monument (and a weird monument, if we are being honest) but its also the entrance to the world famous Swarovski Crystal Factory. It was created in 1983 (my birth-year) by Andre Heller as part... »

passenger restaurant madrid spain

Travel Spotting: The Passenger Restaurant in Madrid

Tweet What do you do when you have a long, narrow, empty restaurant venue in Spain and want to create something new and interesting? Turn it into a train, of course. The Passenger restaurant in Madrid, Spain is an eclectic new hot spot complete with club chairs, mahogany accents, and a distinctly art deco vibe that hearkens back to the olden days of luxury travel by way of passenger trains. Leathe... »

Juneau Alaska

Travel Spotting: Five Reasons to Visit Juneau, Alaska

Tweet At 5,000 square miles, Juneau is actually the largest city in the United States. It is actually larger than the state of Delaware, which isn’t surprising since Delaware is basically the size of a baby’s areola. The Juneau ice-field is a group of 30 mountaintop glaciers, two of which can actually be seen from the roads of Juneau. The Treadwell Gold Mine is where the Juneau gold ru... »

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