concorde jet

London to New York in 1 Hour on This Concorde Jet

TweetA new Concorde jet could change traveling between London and New York forever. When the original Concorde jet came out, it could make it between New York and London in 3.5 hours, which was pretty revolutionary back in the day. Now, Concorde aims to break its own record with a planned hypersonic plane called an ‘ultra-rapid air vehicle’. The commercial aircraft will fly at around 4.5 times the... »

stupid bicycles

Seven Crazy Bicycles for Hipsters and Surburbanites Alike

TweetCitibike has sort of made the idea of biking mainstream in urban centers, but before that, biking was relegated to earth-conscious hipsters and children that live in boroughs (especially the biggest borough of all: the rest of the US). With so many bikes out there its no surprise that people have gotten creative, resourceful, and in some cases down -right ridiculous (Asia and Germany, I am lo... »

Zero personal helicopter

Have You Ever Wanted Your Own Personal Helicopter?

TweetHelicopters are an easy way to get from place to place, if you don’t mind the constant threat of a fatal death spiral. Introducing the “Zero” personal helicopter, for all your personal helicoptering needs. The name “zero” stands for your zero chance of survival, should you crash this thing. Seriously, the scariest part of a helicopter ride is the fact that the si... »

floating island boat

5 Least Normal Ways to Travel

TweetWhen it comes to travel (and life, so I’ve heard) getting there is half the fun. Why not make it all of the fun, though? I’m pretty positive that’s what the people in the following slideshow did. These modes of transportation will make you forget about whatever your destination is and enjoy the ride while getting tons of attention – fabulous! Images [via] »

Relationship Spotting: 24 Hours Without My iPhone

Relationship Spotting: 24 Hours Without My iPhone

Relationship Spotting: 24 Hours Without My iPhone »

Metrocard Art

Travel Gear Spotting: 3 Metrocard Works of Art

Tweet If you live in NYC, chances are you use a Metrocard every day and take pride in how adept you have become at swiping them in an efficient New York style. I never thought there would be people out there who have become pretty adept at making them into masterful works of art ranging from the above subway scene to the three awe-inspiring portraits below.   Images [via][via][via][via] »

unicorn bike cycle

Top Five Unicorn Cycles

Tweet The rainbow swiffer tail attachment is removable, in case you want to clean your rectum. I don’t care whether you spent your childhood as a southern debutante or a football jock military brat, at some point you wanted to ride a unicorn. Unicorns are magical beasts that fart glitter and can heal your worst woes with their tears (which also taste like bacon frosting and democracy). The o... »

Top Five Strangest Limousines

Top Five Strangest Limousines

Tweet Limousines are internationally known as a symbol of status. We hire them for some of the most important events of our lives, from prom nights to funerals, so I say that the limousine you hire should reflect your personality. Did you grow up in the boondocks of Louisiana? You should hire a camo limo on mudding tires. Did you make your money by selling pink dildos? You should hire a limo shape... »

Guns + Alcohol = A Good Time

Guns + Alcohol = A Good Time

Have some fun with paintball games and beer tasting. »