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Bergdorf Goodman’s “Holiday’s On Ice”

Bergdorf Goodman’s “Holiday’s On Ice”

TweetWhile the holiday season creeped up on us, the team at Bergdorf Goodman had it all planned out. As you did your weird types of yoga, the team at Bergdorf Goodman perfectly executed their holiday windows, “Holiday’s On Ice.” This holiday season, the windows represent different holidays as if they were frozen on us. Additionally, the unveiling of the windows this year was unli... »

Style Spotting: Things Got Weird at London Fashion Week

Style Spotting: Things Got Weird at London Fashion Week

TweetWhy were there so many strange things going on at London Fashion Week? Is it just us, or does it seem way more outlandish – and frankly, more fun – than what walked down and surrounded the runways at New York Fashion Week? Models wore ram horns over their eyes. Shirts were all hot pink and bejeweled and embroidered – straight out of your 80s closet. Lana Del Rey looked eeril... »

girls hbo fashion

Style Spotting: Weird Fashion from Girls Episode 5

Tweet Yes, we all know that HBO’s “Girls” is wildly popular thanks to its painfully accurate depiction of that time of adulthood between college and becoming a real person. Yes, Lena Dunham has broken down some very narrow Hollywood beauty ideals and paved the way for the non-anorexic world to feel as confident as they should. Behind all the Lena Dunhams and Judd Apatows is Jenn ... »

kitten heels are bad for you

Kitten Heels: A PSA

Tweet In the event that kitten heels are in next season, protect yourself and refrain from buying them. They’ve been known to cause such symptoms as IAB, also known as “Instant Adele Body,” characterized by an unflattering silhouette and shortening of the leg line. When it comes to heel-wearing, go big or go home and put on a flat. Kitten heels have been spotted sneaking their wa... »

pessimistic urban attire matthew miller f/w 13

Style Spotting: Pessimism is the New Black

Tweet Positivity is so last season. Having your glass half empty is totally in for Fall/Winter 2013. London Fashion Week got to taste the fruits of designer Matthew Miller’s exploration into the darker side of fashion (as if it wasn’t a dark enough industry to begin with). I’m thinking these looks would be a great gift for teens whose dreams you’d like to crush. Honestly, t... »

hermes ss13

Style Spotting: Spring ’13 Campaigns to Get You Through January

Tweet It’s always exciting when seasons change – not only is it a refreshing change of nature scenery, but the fashion landscape gets a makeover, as well. Remember last year when all at once, everything was neon, then suddenly brocades and mixed prints were everywhere? Well, let’s look forward to the next big fashion landscape overhaul: Spring 2013. Here’s what’s in s... »

Lindsay Lohan in Court

Style Spotting: Lindsay Lohan’s Top 5 Courtroom Looks

Tweet¬† When it comes to wardrobe, we all have our work outfits, our date night outfits, our going out outfits, and if you’re Lindsay Lohan, you have court outfits. Since going to court is, like, a daily thing for LiLo, I’m sure a large percentage of her closet real estate is occupied by courtroom ensembles. Here is a little taste of five of her courtroom looks. Image [via] »


Style Spotting: Wear This If You’re Ugly

Tweet Are you ugly? Hats are to bad hair days as Maison Martin Margiela crystal hockey masks are to ugly faces! No need for low self esteem any more. Just envelop your entire head in a crystal mask, and all will be fine. 2013 style, here we come. Look – even Kanye is jumping on the bandwagon! Now even the most unfortunate-looking people can walk the runways, as long as they’re still co... »


Style Spotting: What I Would Have Worn If the Apocalypse Happened

Tweet The other day I was telling my apocalypse-conscious coworker Gary that if the apocalypse does indeed happen, I feel like it would be appropriate to wear something along the lines of Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2012. Just because we are still here today, does not mean I’m not still contemplating what I would have worn if the world ended yesterday. Let’s face it – it would hav... »

Social Media Jeans by Replay

Style Spotting: Social Media Jeans

Tweet Your parents use Facebook. Your grandparents use Facebook. Your newborn baby uses Facebook. Now your jeans use Facebook. For real. Social Denim from the Italian brand Replay features a bluetooth device that communicates with your smartphone and allows you to update your status and location by clicking different buttons on the device. Confused? Me too, but I’m into it. Plus, they come i... »

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