stokke baby xplory stroller giveaway

Giveaway Spotting: Stokke Baby Xplory Stroller

Tweet I’ve been touting the incredible qualities of the STOKKE Xplory stroller for months now- so much so that I’ve brought this wizard-on-wheels to a ton of different TV tapings to talk about how much I love it. It’s literally the Ferrari of strollers- it faces front or back, adjusts to just about any height under the sun (perfect for teeny tiny parents, siblings, or Shaq-attack... »

Introducing The Skateboard Stroller

Introducing The Skateboard Stroller

TweetWOW I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this!!! I’m not ready to be a mom yet but when I do, I hope they make one of those with a third skateboard for daddy! 😉 The new Sidekick Stroller Board is priced at $120 and is designed to fit an Orbit Baby G2 stroller… How RAD? »