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How to Get Gorgeous Lips for Summer

TweetWinter lips are like, eh whatever – they can be disguised by the darkest lipsticks money can buy. Summer lips, [...]

Winter lips are like, eh whatever – they can be disguised by the darkest lipsticks money can buy. Summer lips, on the other hand, have nowhere to hide. In the winter, it’s all smoke and mirrors, but in the summer, it’s all glosses and sunshine. Since it’s almost lip bikini season, here are some tips that will help your pout be the prettiest it can be – not to mention the ... More...

By • Jun 11th, 2013 • Category: BEAUTY, Cosmetics, Skin

Travel Gear Spotting: Australian Gold Addiction

Tweet I am Italian; therefore, I never burn while tanning; therefore, I never use SPF; therefore, that large freckle on [...]

I am Italian; therefore, I never burn while tanning; therefore, I never use SPF; therefore, that large freckle on my back is probably a melanoma. That is all about to change. Last weekend, my friend and I were tanning on our rooftop, and we decided to throw caution to the wind and use some SPF. I didn’t want to get too crazy, so Australian Gold’s SPF 4 spray gel is the craziest I got.... More...

By • Jun 13th, 2012 • Category: BEAUTY, FOOD AND TRAVEL, Skin, Vacations

Beauty Spotting: 5 Beach Bag Must Haves

The 5 essentials every beach bag should carry.

The best part about a beach bag is that you can throw in everything but the kitchen sink into it (my macbook is in mine right now). This summer, however, don’t be caught unprepared. Every beach bag should have some essentials. Here are mine: I cannot stress sun screen enough. Not only did Australian Gold SPF 15 get me through my weekend at the beach, it also smells great. The only drawback is t... More...

By • May 31st, 2012 • Category: BEAUTY, FOOD AND TRAVEL, Vacations

Travel Spotting: 4 Summer Travel Beauty Must-Haves

Don’t leave home without these beauty must-haves for summer travel!

Even though I’ve been out of grade school for nine years, I still get excited about summer. I love summer vacations even if it means hoping the train to Fire Island. But as any girl-on-the-go knows, packing is only half the fun. Here are five must have beauty products to keep you looking and feeling good while catching some rays and waves. I’m loving this new skin care brand from Aust... More...

By • May 17th, 2012 • Category: BEAUTY, FASHION, FOOD AND TRAVEL, Hair, Nails, Shoes and Accessories, Skin, Vacations

Beauty Spotting: A Fake Tanning Journey Pt. 1

A pasty Russian embarks on a self-tanning journey!

Since I’m terrified of wrinkles and aging skin cancer you won’t find me soaking up the sun without being slathered in a massive amount of SPF. However, I hate looking pasty like a Russian during the summer so I have to get creative about looking tan – I fake it. Last weekend I began my fake tanning journey and I started with Kate Somerville’s Somerville360 Body Self Tanning Towe... More...

By • May 15th, 2012 • Category: BEAUTY, Skin

Health Spotting: Aveeno Takes On Skin Cancer

Attention New Yorkers: Get a free skin cancer screening this Sunday!

We love a great tan as much as the next girl, but tanning doesn’t always lead to healthy glow. Sometimes sunbathing can lead to skin cancer. Aveeno brand is taking a very active role in the fight against skin cancer by teaming up with The Skin Cancer Foundation to present The Road to Healthy Skin Tour – and the tour will be making a stop in NYC this Sunday, April 15th at the More Maga... More...

By • Apr 13th, 2012 • Category: Adult Health, BEAUTY, Family Health, HEALTH, Mom Health, Skin

Sun’s Out: (Suncreen) Guns Out

Our roundup of the top sunscreens for this season’s fun in the sun.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “Wounding effects from UV radiation on the skin’s DNA account for nearly all visible signs of aging and contribute to 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers.“  If that isn’t enough to scare you, we’ve all seen what our older relatives & the beach babes in Hollywood look like once they progress in age. The era is worshiping the sun is o... More...

By • May 4th, 2011 • Category: BEAUTY, Cosmetics, Fragrance, Hair, Nails, Skin

Tell Bacne to Back OFF.

Plus – how to make your best ballerina bun.

A word so heinous, it should be considered only 4 letters… BACNE is a beauty taboo that most people only talk about in private, with their derm. Or to themselves in the mirror, asking “WHY ME?!” Prevent it & destroy it with these zit-zapping products. got2b rockin’ it dry shampoo [$5.99]: The combination of harsh hair treatments, pore-clogging hair products &... More...

By • Mar 8th, 2011 • Category: BEAUTY, Cosmetics, Hair, Skin

Summer Beauty Must Haves for Fall

Fruity SPF Lotions and Beachy Hair Products – Learn How to Use Them All Year Round.

A little more time spent inside, a little less moisture in  the air – and a brisk breeze. Ahhh, Autumn is upon us.  Spend your time frolicking in the leaves, drinking warm (hard) apple cider, and embracing the fall boot of the season is totally and utterly acceptable – but make sure to spend a minute to re-asses your beauty routine with these organic-y summer staples that can be y... More...

By • Sep 18th, 2010 • Category: BEAUTY, Cosmetics, Fragrance, Hair, Skin

5 Beauty Products + 10 Minutes = 1 Beautiful Face


If you have a little bit of time, and a lot of face value – these products will do the trick in the speed-beauty test Want a natural solution to your skin’s problems? Well, try beautifying yourself from the inside out with Noah’s Naturals products such as Firming Gel Serum, Face Moisturizer and Pore Refining Mask. These products are all natural and are formulated using the ... More...

By • Aug 22nd, 2010 • Category: BEAUTY