dogs with crazy coats

Dogs With Crazy Coats

TweetThese dogs were born with crazy gorgeous coats. I am a little worried about posting this, because if Cruella Deville is actually real, she will probably track down and skin these adorable little bastards before I hit the publish button, but they are so cute that I can’t help myself. I had a few dogs growing up, but unfortunately we lived on a highway that liked to murder all our pets. I am pr... »

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

TweetYou think you and your bestie are cute? Ha, NO. Pete and Tally are the cutest best friends ever. These two adorable dogs spend every minute together and are documenting their lives via Instagram (because who doesn’t?). This is what they like to call “puppy eyes” . Friends that take selfies together, stay together. Images via 1. Related PostsEver Asked Yourself What to Wear t... »

Why Are Toy Poodles So Cute?

Why Are Toy Poodles So Cute?

TweetI thought goldendoodle puppies were the cutest animals around, but look at this toy poodle! His name is Pino and he’s from Japan, so that makes him an international superstar. I don’t personally know Pino, but I can tell by the way he photographs that he’s genuinely a nice dog. There is nothing worse than a having a jerk for a dog. You can dump your boyfriend for being a jer... »

Dogs Love Chanel Too

Dogs Love Chanel Too

TweetGuys, dogs love Chanel too! But, can you blame them? With their new commercial staring Marilyn Monroe and their last spring ready-to-wear collection, it’s hard not to love Chanel. Fashion Police: Fighting fashion crime, one bad outfit at a time. These cute and extremely fashionable puppies belong to the Beckerman bloggers. They are as, if not more, Chanel obsessed than their owners. I l... »

yawning puppy

The Best Puppy Yawn Ever

TweetIt’s been a long week for this little one. Now that it’s Friday, it’s time for a nap! This puppy’s roundness and general presence makes him the cute animal of the day! Plus, everyone knows puppy yawns are the best kind of yawns. Image [via] Related PostsThis Traveling Chicken Has Seen More Countries Than You Wet Animals are Both Hideous and Hilarious, FYI Adorable Anim... »

sleeping pug

This Pug Had a Long Week

TweetWe feel you, pug. We feel you. Sometimes Friday rolls around, and you just have to curl up and sleep, as shown. Unfortunately, most of us don’t look this adorable while doing so, but that’s why this puppy earned the title of cute animal of the week. Image [via] Related PostsPuppy Bellies Take Over the Internet This Giant Rabbit is Homeless The Cutest Happy Turtles on The Internet ... »

panda pug

Pandas + Pugs = Perfection

TweetThere’s something about dogs in animal costumes that is weirdly great, especially when the animal costume in question is a panda. It it double the cuteness, making this costumed pup our cute animal of the day. Image [via] Related PostsPregnant Animals = proof it’s hard for all beings Two Words: Mini Horses The Newest Trend in Dog Grooming is Geometry Pigs Are Better Than Dogs (at ... »


The Most Precious Puppy Ever

TweetUm, we’ll take 10 of these, thanks. I can’t look at this puppy photo for too long because it’s just too much. This is the kind of dog that needs to just stay young forever, Peter Pan style, which is why he’s awarded our title of cute animal of the day. Image via peachesandparis.tumblr.com Related PostsThe Ark at JFK: Where Fancy Pets Wait for Flights Introducing the Ja... »

Bulldog Love

Bulldog Love

TweetThis is just too much. Bulldog love is one of the best kinds of love, especially when it’s between a puppy and its parent. It is only right to make these two our cute animals of the day. Image [via] Related PostsAre Baby Armadillos THE New Accessory Pet? How to Take Your Fish For a Walk Top Five Ridiculous Dog Birthday Cakes A Baby And His Dog Top Five Smallest Animals in the World »

bundled frenchie

A Bundled Up Frenchie

TweetAnd just like that, your Friday is now much better than it was before looking at this photo. Frenchies tend to have that effect, especially when bundled in a summery white blanket. Enjoy our cute animal of the day! Image [via] Related PostsThe Baby Sloth Institute Couch Mermaids: access is easier than you think Umm, Baby Goats in Pajamas! Cutest Baby Anteaters, Ever Top 5 Cute Baby Seals on t... »

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