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10 Plastic Surgeries With the Most Immediate Results

10 Plastic Surgeries With the Most Immediate Results

TweetWondering which plastic surgery procedures offer the most immediate results? Check out our top 10: Plastic surgery is a tool in the look good/feel good toolbox that is becoming more and more popular as procedures become easier to recover from, faster, and more affordable. We caught up with Heather Furnas, MD, board certified plastic surgeon in practice in Santa Rosa, CA to get the scoop on wh... »

Trendy Butt Shapes: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Trendy Butt Shapes: Staying Ahead of the Curve

TweetDo you ever just wonder if the shape of all the mainstream butts out there will still be on-trend in the year 2020? I do. Sometime around the four millionth time I was exposed to a press release about Kim K’s butt it occurred to me that her ever-so-trendy butt was likely just a physical appearance bubble, much like ombre highlights circa 2013, orangey faux tanner from 2011, and the even... »

Sad Wrinkles: BOTOX Resistance is a Thing

Sad Wrinkles: BOTOX Resistance is a Thing

TweetEver heard of BOTOX resistance? That’s right– your face could become immune to your fave facial toxin. If you’ve never heard the term ‘BOTOX resistance,’ consider yourself lucky enough to have a perfectly receptive face. With the number of people using toxins like BOTOX to enhance and perfect their facial appearance growing by leaps and bounds each year, instance... »

hipster beard transplants

Hipster Beard Transplants

TweetBeard transplants: hipsters are going under the knife to achieve the perfect lumberjack style. I haven’t said the phrase: “what in hipster hell” in a while, so I feel like this story is long overdue. Everyone knows that some men are really good at growing facial hair, and some aren’t (especially many Asians I know), but what is a guy to do if he lives in Williamsburg or Bushwick, but can’t gr... »

20 inch waist

How to Get a 20 Inch Waist

TweetHow to get a 20 inch waist: This Venezuelan model wears a corset for 23 hours every day.  In case you aren’t aware, waist-training is a thing right now. People like Kim Kardashian have brought some mainstream attention to the phenomenon, and now more than ever women are trying to achieve an hourglass figure by torturing their internal organs and waist lines. Aleira Avendano is one such person... »

german djs grow boobs

Male German DJ’s Grow 24-hour boobs

TweetA couple of German DJ’s are getting saline injections to emulate female breasts. It is no secret that lots of men wonder what its like to have breasts, some of them even going so far as dressing up like human dolls, or wearing bras underneath their clothes. John and Rasheed, two well-known German DJ’s from Berlin decided to get saline injected into their chesticles, in order to understand wha... »

extreme plastic surgery Asia

Extreme Plastic Surgery in South Korea

TweetExtreme Plastic Surgery: South Korean plastic surgeries are often so extreme, people need new IDs. I normally try to be incredibly insensitive when it comes to matters of culture and race, mostly because I am a mish-mosh of so many of them that I figure eventually it isn’t going to matter #meltingpot. I’m not sure if there is a proper way to say this, so I am just going to say it. In the past... »

How to Become the Perfect Woman via Plastic Surgery

TweetPerfection through plastic surgery is an impossible goal. I have never had plastic surgery, although if you look at a photo of me in high school you would think I had a nose job. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a late bloomer, but I don’t think my nose got that memo. I have had a little Botox here and there though, so I can totally understand why people get obsessed with changing their look... »

Hand Lifts Are The New Way To Make Everyone Jealous

Hand Lifts Are The New Way To Make Everyone Jealous

TweetYou know how some woman go on these little “vacations” and then come back looking 10 years younger, right? It’s not because they meditated or found their inner self. It’s because they went to the best on Park Avenue and had that shit pulled all the way back. I’d like to tell you I’m above all that. I’d like to tell you that no matter how old I get, I&... »

crazy plastic surgery

Five Crazy Plastic Surgeries

TweetI always say that I am all for plastic surgery, except for grown ass men getting brow lifts. If you want to know why I am against this particular surgery, just take a long look at Bruce Jenner’s face. The problem with most crazy plastic surgeries is that people who get them are inherently insecure, so the surgery doesn’t actually fix the problem. A Brazilian man that had surgery to look like ... »

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