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new york post it war

Two New York Buildings Engage in a Post-it War

New York post-it war. »

london to new york superhighway

Will You Soon Be Able to Drive from New York to London?

Would you drive from New York to London? »

bellport, ny

The New It Town: Bellport, New York

Bellport, New York. »

guyfi masturbation booth

Manhattan Now Has a Masturbation Booth

New York masturbation booth. »

pearlfisher ball pit

Ball-pit for Grownups Takes Over Instagram

TweetAn adult-sized ball-pit in Soho is just what your Instagram needs. I don’t know if anyone shares this sentiment, but when I was a kid, the ball-pit was my favorite place to be. You can make as many jokes about me liking balls as you want, but the fact remains that there is nothing more satisfying than diving into a vat filled with plastic balls covered in salmonella and children’s spittle, ex... »

The Failed Uber Experience: crashes to surgery and all in between

The Failed Uber Experience: crashes to surgery and all in between

TweetI want to start out by saying that this is in no way a formal attack on Uber– it’s just my very real Uber experience (a few, really) and I think people should know before hitting a that little button to call one over. Call it a first world problem or whatever you want, but living in the middle of Manhattan means transportation options are limited to either walking, taking mass tra... »

instagram photos worth 100K

Stolen Instagram Photos Sell for 100K

TweetA New York artist has stolen Instagram photos and is selling them for around $100k. I don’t know who decided that photos of people’s Starbucks drinks were worth anything, but apparently a fool is born every day. New York artist Richard Prince has blown up and printed other people’s Instagram photos, called it art, and is selling them at the Gagosian. The only thing he actually did himself was... »

driverless cabs in NYC

Driverless Cabs Are Coming to NYC

TweetGoogle has inked a deal with New York to replace regular yellows with driverless cabs. As if New York cab drivers didn’t have enough problems (I’m looking at you, Uber), Google has signed a deal with the city of New York to bring their patented driverless cars to the New York taxi fleet. De Blasio has announced that there will be 5,000 driverless cabs on the streets by 2016. Each cab will als... »

new york dating

The Downside of Dating in New York

TweetThe downside of dating: in New York, like everything else, it isn’t easy. I have lived in New York for 7 years, and been in one serious relationship. That relationship lasted 10 months. I consider myself lucky. I can’t tell you how many people I know here who have never been in a real relationship, or never been in love. It’s fucking ridiculous. I feel so strongly about it that I insist on us... »

new york versus la

Is LA Stealing New York Creatives?

TweetThe burgeoning creative scene in LA has slowly been convincing New York’s creative to relocate. Every winter I say that I can’t possibly do another New York winter, and every summer, I fall back in love and decide to tough it out. If this mentality seems familiar to you, it’s because EVERYBODY fucking say it. Honestly, I think the only way to get through such harsh cold is by convincing yours... »

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