This Shopbop Discount Code Works on Hatch Maternity, too.

This Shopbop Discount Code Works on Hatch Maternity, too.

TweetThe newest Shopbop discount code even works on maternity faves like Hatch. You’re welcome. We all wait for those ever-lovely Shopbop discount code releases a couple times a year with baited breath. But did you know the latest code also works on posh maternity lusts like Hatch, Rosie Pope, DL1961, and a bunch of others you’d normally be happy to pay full price for? It does, and you... »

pregmancy pregnant man beer belly

Man + Pregnancy = Pregmancy

TweetSince I just made it up, I doubt you have heard of pregmancy, but I now officially declare it a thing. Pregmancy is when a man drinks so much beer that he resembles a pregnant woman. The problem is that a pregmant man can do a lot of things a pregnant woman can’t. Here is a list of those incongruities, in no particular order: Drink. If pregnant women have a few, they risk the chance of ... »

ways to annoy a pregnant woman

Nine Ways to Annoy a Pregnant Woman

Tweet A photo of an actual North Florida pregnancy. You may not know this, but pregnant women have super strength. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself how they can push something the size of a football out of a hole the size of a lemon. Since I am in no danger of actually getting pregnant as a form of karmic retribution, I will just say what all women who have ever been pregnant want to sa... »

maternity shirt ice ice baby

A Maternity Shirt for Mothers of the 1990s

TweetThis Vanilla Ice inspired maternity shirt is a must have for every child of the 90s. Did you ever use a scrunchy to turn your over-sized t-shirt into a crop top? Did you spend your afternoons watching Saved by the Bell or Salute your Shorts? Have you ever gotten a perm on purpose? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are probably a child of the 90s. If you are a child of th... »

Maternity accessories

Five Maternity Accessories Every Preggers Woman Doesn’t Need

TweetIn case you didn’t know, pregnancy is a bitch. If you have never gone through it before, you are probably pretty clueless about what accessories you need to keep your baby alive and kicking. If you already have kids, you probably figure you screwed up a few times on the first go round, which is why you two-year-old insists on calling you by your first name, and maybe you want to do it t... »

Awkard Mother photos

Awkward Maternity Photos For Mothers Day

TweetWe may love our mothers, but there is no denying that they make us take some crazy photos. The crowning gem of my childhood is when my mom bought me a pink and teal striped sweater with a heart emblazoned across the front that had matching pants. Then she cut my hair in a very wonky, asymmetrical fashion. Then carted me off to photo day at school. Sometimes, this awkward photo phenomenon star... »

Pregnancy Craves of the Day: Fashion and Footwear

Pregnancy Craves of the Day: Fashion and Footwear

TweetAhoy! It’s week 29 and I feel about to burst. The idea of another 11 weeks is basically unbearable to me, so I’ve been distracting myself with fashionable fantasies. Check out my latest craves: 1. Good footwear is a necessity. Anyone who has ever carried a child (or ever will) probably already knows the uncomfortable throbbing foot syndrome that plagues pregnant women- a direct re... »

Maternity Must Haves for New Moms Everywhere

Maternity Must Haves for New Moms Everywhere

TweetAs I approach week 21 of pregnancy with my 2nd little nugget, I’m growing more conscious of all the things I didn’t know the first time around… in fact, there was so much. Like the stroller I picked about 4 years ago when I was equally as pregnant with my son- yeesh, I thought it was a zippy little thing but all it did was cause me backaches and ignore the issue of baby̵... »

Awesome Maternity Shirt of the Day

Awesome Maternity Shirt of the Day

Oh, he did it alright. »

Bigger Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal Roundup

TweetBanana Republic: Men’s Outerwear – 30% Off IN STOCK Men’s Sweaters – 30% Off IN STOCK Petites Outerwear – 30% Off IN STOCK Petites Sweaters – 30% Off IN STOCK Women’s Outerwear – 30% Off IN STOCK Women’s Sweaters – 30% Off IN STOCK Gap: BabyGap First Favorites – 20% Off IN STOCK GapKids Sleepwear – 30% Off IN STOCK GapMat... »

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