Gucci fall 2014

The Most Practical Looks from the Fall Collections

TweetFrom keeping warm to , the Fall 2014 collections showing at fashion weeks across the globe have you covered (literally). We’ll begin with The Row’s Fall 2014 collection, which was essentially a giant caricature of Mary Kate Olsen. It was largely inspired by her, which means it was inspired by the need to wear clothes that hide any and all eating disorders (hence the below image). ... »

kim kardashian photoshop

Can You Spot These Five Photoshop Fails?

TweetAs a graphic designer and photographer (my other jobs, besides writing), I spend a lot of time photoshopping. The upside of this is that I can create beautiful, otherworldly images for magazine covers, editorials, or Facebook profile images. The downside to this is that I can immediately spot a photoshop hack job, and almost nothing bothers me more. Unless Kim Kardashian’s house has rou... »

calculator prom date

Can’t Find a Date to Prom? Take Your Calculator

TweetI went to prom with two lesbians and my ex-girlfriend so I am not sure I’m one to talk, but I do appreciate when something makes a good story. Prom is an important night for many young girls (myself included) and not having a date is no reason to stay home and miss it. Regina Reynolds agreed with that sentiment and decided to take her T1-84 calculator to prom instead of a date, prompting me t... »

cat battle armor

Cat Battle Armor. That is All

TweetCat battle armor; because your pussy should be able to defend itself. In utterly amazing things found on Etsy news, this cat battle armor is hand-crafted and one of a kind, made of leather, waxed cord, and elastic. It only ships within the United States, but who cares about foreign pussies when we have so many of our own, right here in America. I am sure you take very good care of your cheris... »

new york cab drivers pinup calendar

New Yorks Finest Cab Drivers Pose For a Sexy Pinup Calendar

TweetThere is basically nothing sexier than a New York cab driver. They all have accents, ignore everything you say, talk to their foreign colleagues via blue-tooth headsets (responsibility is so hot), nearly kill their passengers 40% of the time (ooh, bad boys), and shit in grocery bags rather than stopping at a Starbucks like a normal person (productivity is hot, too). Photographers Phil Kirkman... »

shake, by carli davidson

Five Photos of Dogs Shaking to Make You Pee Your Panties

TweetRecently at a Barnes and Noble (yes, I was taking a tour of obsolete destinations) I came across a book called Shake, by Carli Davidson. It was just a coffee table book that featured high-speed photographs of dogs shaking off water, but I can now say that I basically peed my pants in a book store. If you haven’t heard of this book yet, consider if for either your coffee table or bathroo... »

late for a meeting weird video

WTF? Two Minutes of Your Life You Will Never Get Back

TweetI don’t know what this is. I don’t know why it exists. I only know that after spending my time watching this video, entitled “Late for a meeting” I realized I had to share it with the world or risk burning in Hell for all eternity listening to that mother-fucking gangnam style song. When watching this video, the only things that come to mind are that someone made a rea... »

taped faces

Face Taping: totally a real thing

TweetI don’t know where or why these silly little Internet trends originate, but it’s my job to report on them. I have been seeing a lot of taped faces lately. Not to be confused with face-raping (which is just as intrusive and sticky, but a lot more fun and sexy), face taping involves using scotch tape to distort your features so that you look like the elephant man, or Meg Ryan circa ... »

awkward men and pets

Seven Awkward Photos of Men With Their Pets

TweetI don’t know if you have heard the rumor that a dog is a man’s best friend, but I promise you, it’s a thing. Sometimes however, the relationship between a man and his pet can go a little too far, such as in these photos. I am a huge proponent of the relationship between animals and people because I think its one of the things that keeps us all from turning into serial killer... »

Mr. Balls, Brazils testicular cancer mascot

Dear Brazil: Did Testicular Cancer Really Need a Ball Sack as a Mascot?

TweetI would like to introduce all of you impressionable young minds to Mr. Balls, a testicular cancer mascot created by a Brazilian cancer awareness group. Let’s just dive in, shall we? Are you ready to go balls-deep into this subject? First of all, I don’t think Mr. Balls (Senhor Testiculo if you want his Christian name) is really effective. If you see a hairy, mole-covered Middle Ea... »

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