5 Ways to Conserve Energy and Save Money at Home

5 Ways to Conserve Energy and Save Money at Home

TweetExperts agree, a few simple tweaks at home could conserve energy and save you serious cash. It doesn’t really matter if your home is run on electric, oil, or gas — there are always ways to conserve energy and improve the efficiency of your home, and that’s a positive thing because your wallet will thank you, especially at the end of a long, cold winter when energy bills for ... »

previously owned by a gay man furniture

Store Only Sells Furniture Previously Owned by Gay Men

Previously owned by a gay man furniture. »

super mario bros fish tank

A Super Mario Brothers Aquarium

A Super Mario Bros themed fish tank. »

harry potter nursery

A Harry Potter Themed Nursery

Harry Potter nursery. »

floating bonsai trees

Levitating Bonsai Trees

Floating bonsai trees. »

bonsai skulls

Beautiful Bonsai Skulls

TweetThese bonsai skulls are creepy chic. When people walk into my bedroom, one of the things they always say is that my décor is a little dark. I’ve also been told it looks like a hotel room (which I take as a compliment), and that my sensibilities are a little creepy (also, a compliment). So when I saw these bonsai skulls online, my first thought was ‘Do they come in gold?’ and if so, where can ... »

gym selfies

Mens Gyms Are Becoming More Selfie Friendly

TweetGym designers are changing tradition with luxury upgrades for selfie friendly locker rooms. As a gay man, I have been in the ladies room of a JC Penney, so I know that there has always been a huge difference between the sexes when it comes to bathrooms and locker rooms. Women’s locker rooms are outfitted with couches, tables, comfortable seating, and good lighting. Men’s locker rooms look lik... »

10 Femme Bedrooms

10 Femme Bedrooms

TweetCheck out some of our favorite femme bedrooms that’ll inspire you to go out and redo your own! 1. This bedroom would definitely bring out your inner Marie Antoinette with gold trims, high ceilings, and luxurious details.  [via] »

15 Beautiful Living Rooms

15 Beautiful Living Rooms

Tweet15 gorgeous living rooms that would definitely induce Netflix binge watching weekends, lots of naps, and wine nights with the ladies. 1. Not sure there is room for me AND all those pillows, but it still looks comfy.  [via] »

Office Aquarium Room Divider

Office Aquarium Room Divider

TweetCubicles are so over, aquarium room dividers are the new everything. Freshwater Software, a currently dead company (formerly headquartered in Colorado), built this nifty aquarium room divider in 2000. Cubicles were not divided by fabric walls, but glass aquariums instead. Workers reported that fish would occasionally jump out of their desks, but, that was apparently just part of the employee ... »

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