potato parcels

You Can Now Send Messages Via Potato Parcels

Send a message on a potato. »

married people texts

These Married People Tweets = ALL Honesty

Married people tweets. »

technology addiction

Is Technology Addiction a Real Thing?

Technology addiction. »

real emoji meanings

What Do Your Favorite Emojis Really Mean?

TweetEmojis: Official meanings versus real meanings. I am not a huge Emoji user. This is either because I feel like I communicate better using my words, or because I was not born after 1990. Still, I will admit that there have been times when I have conducted entire conversations using nothing but photos, and I have several Emojis stored along with the names of my friends, based on what animal the... »

husband doesnt listen

Three Surprising Reasons Your Husband Doesn’t Listen to You

TweetSo your husband never listens to you. Whenever you talk, he immediately tunes out, watches TV behind your head, plays Candy Crush on his phone, or starts masturbating. It seems like the more important your message, the less interested your husband is in discussing it. Have you ever dealt with this problem before? If so, listen up because I have a steaming nugget of knowledge to dump on you. T... »

drunk texting

Relationship Spotting: Some Notes on Drunk Texting

Tweet We have all felt the emotions that come with meeting someone you really like. You think about them all the time, combine your first and last names (I am sad to admit that I do this, even though I’m gay) and yes, you also get drunk and toy with the idea of drunk texting them. In your early 20’s, drunk texting is acceptable because you want to get across what you have to say, but n... »

social media and relationships

Reasons Why Social Media Has No Place In Relationships

Tweet There is no denying that social media is changing the way we communicate. If you are like me (late 20’s) you are probably hanging on to the social media bandwagon. You are still young enough to understand it and utilize it, but you still respect traditional forms of communication and prefer them. Its kind of sad to think about the coming generations and the fact that they would probabl... »

santa claus letter

Rant Of The Week: Santa Claus Doesn’t Exist Because I Can Touch Myself

Tweet I know that headline probably doesn’t make much sense upon first reading, but bear with me. When I first read this letter I thought: Oh, how sweet! They are crushing a young child’s dreams. Then as I read further I realize that their explanation, while sweet, isn’t factual. Their reasoning is that believing in Santa Claus prepares a child for the inevitability that he will ... »

love relationships photo

Relationship Spotting: The Do’s and Don’ts of Living Together

Tweet In the spirit of full disclosure, I have never actually lived with one of my boyfriends. This is because there are certain things that I like to do, that I wouldn’t want to share with someone else, such as skipping a shower, or masturbating to straight porn. I know enough about relationships to know, though, that there are certain dos and don’ts in regards to sharing a space. So ... »

funny greeting cards

Relationship Spotting: How to Communicate With Your Lover Without Words

Tweet They say that 93% of communication is nonverbal, so it stands to reason that in our relationships (the most important place in which we communicate) we should pay special attention to the messages we are sending. These greeting cards from Walkup Press are a great way to send a message to your special someone without having to say it out loud. Do you expect your boyfriend to know what you are... »

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